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Education Department

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Early Childhood Education Course Listings

Bachelor of Science

EDU 201

Introduction to Education

EDU 202

Educational Psychology

EDU 203

Education and Psychology of the Exceptional Child

EDU 204

Creative Arts in the Early Childhood Education

EDU 205 Professional Communication/Family Collaboration and Diversity

EDU 206

Foundations in Special Education

EDU 208 Educational Technology (Elective)
EDU 210 Assessment Measures I
EDU 212 Child Development I:  Birth – 5 Years
EDU 220 Assessment Measures II
EDU 221 Literacy Development I:  Birth – 5 Years
EDU 222 Child Development II:  K-4th Grade

EDU 223

Academic Development for Second Language Learners (ELL)

EDU 303 Reading in the Content Area

EDU 308

Foundations of Urban Education

EDU 310 Literacy II

EDU 311

Social Studies Methods

EDU 312 Math Foundations I:  Preschool Years
EDU 313 Literacy and Literature
EDU 314 Math Foundations II
EDU 315 Science Methods

EDU 330

Effective Classroom Management Strategies (Elective)

EDU 401

Student Teaching

EDU 420

Seminar for Student Teaching

    • General certification requirements through the Pennsylvania Department of Education area as follows:

        • Meet all university course requirements
        • Meet all Education Department Requirements
        • Have a 3.0 overall GPA
        • Complete Student Teaching
        • Pass Praxis I and Praxis II


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