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The Office of Student Support Services within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Services for Students with Disabilities Program.  The office is responsible for assessing and coordinating appropriate accommodations and support services for all students with special needs or documented disabilities.  The accommodations and support services provided are as follows:

  • Exam Proctoring or Alternative Testing Arrangements
  • Audio Tape Recording of Lectures
  • Extended Time to Take Tests/Exams
  • Excused Absences Related to Illness or Medical Appointment
  • Opportunity to Make-up Missed Assignments Due to Absences Related to Illness
  • Preferential Seating in Classroom
  • RFB&D Audio Textbooks
  • Assistive Technology Software
  • Peer Note Takers
  • Peer Tutors

Assistive technology software is available in the Office of Student Support Services, Learning Resource Center, and Graduate Center.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 9
Description:    Voice/speech recognition software that allows users to control the computer with their voice.  The computer decodes the human speech and allows the user to give the computer commands or generate text by talking into a microphone instead of typing on the keyboard or using the mouse.

Inspiration 8.0
Description:    Visual, mind mapping learning tool used to strengthen critical thinking, comprehension and writing skills.

Zoom Text Magnifier/Screen Reader 9.0
tion:    Software that enables students with visual impairments to see and hear what they are doing by enlarging and reading text.

TextHELP Read and Write Gold 8
Description:    Text to speech software and premiere reading and writing tool.  Includes scanning capabilities and helps with comprehension and word recognition.

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