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Disciplinary Sanction Community Service Program

Ronald McDonald
Wish List

Disciplinary Sanction Community Service Program
Ronald McDonald House
Wish List


Wish List

Note:  Students assigned community service due to disciplinary sanctions may choose to make donations to the Ronald McDonald House by purchasing and donating items on their Wish List.  Students will receive hour hour credit in exchange for each individual donation (exp. Student purchases and donates 16 items from the Wish List will receive 8 hours credit).  Maximum donation is 30 items for a maximum of 15 hours credit.

♥            Individually Wrapped Snack Foods
♥            Individual Cereal Boxes
♥            Hot chocolate packets
♥            Microwave popcorn
♥            Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
♥            Salad Dressings
♥            Salt, Pepper, Oil or other Seasonings
♥            Baby food (in jars)
♥            Canned Goods & Fruit
♥            Other non-perishable food items

♥            Trash Bags (13, 33 & 55 gallon)
♥            Dishwasher Detergent
♥            Large freezer bags
♥            Napkins or Paper Towels
♥            Dishtowels
♥            Paper Plates & Paper Cups
♥            Aluminum Foil
♥            Disposable Aluminum Casserole Pans
♥            Food Storage Containers

♥            Spray Air Fresheners
♥            Fabric Softener Sheets
♥            Lysol Disinfectant Cleaner
♥            Soft Scrub
♥            Disinfectant Wipes
♥            Laundry Detergent
♥            Mr. Clean
♥            Febreeze
♥            Tub and Tile Cleaner (Tilex or Lysol)

♥            Kleenex
♥            Hair Combs & Brushes
♥            Towel Sets
♥            60W & 100W light bulbs
♥            Mattress Pads (twin and full)
♥            Pillow Covers (Plastic)
♥            Shower Curtains and liners

♥            Gift Certificates (Restaurants, Target, etc.)
♥            Movie Passes
♥            Long Distance Phone Cards
♥            Toys (small, barbies, trucks, games) No Stuffed Animals Please
♥            Postage Stamps

Note:  Consideration made and provided to students who purchase a single or individual item that cost more than $5.00


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