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Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Dr. William Bynum, Vice President

Greetings from Dr. Bynum
As Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, I am delighted to welcome you to our website on behalf of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni of Lincoln University.

I want to say to you, as well as to your parents and guardians, that Students are our highest priority at Lincoln. At Lincoln, it is our desire to establish a partnership with you in working together to help your sons and daughters "Be the Best They Can Be." Students are the reason we are here. We understand that, and we ask for your patience, support and advice as we continue to provide a quality educational experience.

The Lincoln University administration and staff have been working very hard to improve the "Quality of Life" for our students. We have an outstanding faculty and staff, all of whom are dedicated to serve you. Regardless of your academic interest, there are strong academic programs that will challenge you and help prepare you for an outstanding career.

Students come to Lincoln to get a good college education. To get at least one degree -- a Baccalaureate Degree, but don't forget that we offer graduate degree opportunities as well. And we are here to give you the best that we have by pushing you to do your best work. You will not be admitted if we did not think you could make it. And we will do everything in our power to help you. We will stretch you by giving you reading assignments, writing assignments, research assignments and lab assignments. We will teach you to discover strengths you did not know you had and to remove weaknesses that keep you from doing your best.

Over the years of your matriculation here, you will learn many new things -- you will make lasting friends; social life is very important, but you can't allow yourself to become distracted from the main purpose of being here. You will be expected to compete with the best so that when you graduate, you will be the best you can be.

At Lincoln you will learn that reciting William Shakespeare is important, but so is reciting Langston Hughes. That Egypt, not Greece, is the origin of theorems in Mathematics. That an appreciation of Blues and Jazz is important in addition to Operas and Sonatas, and that you must know about Scott Joplin in addition to Mozart.

Likewise, you should be knowledgeable about the biographies of Roosevelt and John Kennedy, but you must also know about Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Dubois, Thurgood Marshall, Langston Hughes, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the countless other African Americans who have made important contributions to our community and to this nation.

And we will reinforce the importance of having a sense of moral and ethical values in your lives and in the way you carry yourselves and interact with others. And you will come to appreciate the importance of community service -- reaching out to help others less fortunate and to make a real difference.
At Lincoln, we tell our students that in addition to excellence in the classroom, there is another side of the University experience that will shape their lifestyles and values. We remind them that some things are not for sale -- like core values of decency and hard work, integrity, a sense of right and wrong and treating others the way you want to be treated.

You will learn that it is important to say "Thank You" and "Please" and to look the other person in the eye. That there is a "Law of The Harvest." You do not plant cabbage when you want to grow corn. You do not put out okra when you want apples. There is a "Law of The Harvest." You will gather only that which you have planted. You reap what you sow. "Without No Hassle, You Get No Tassel."
You are not a number at Lincoln. We care that you succeed and we will help you get through some of our complex procedures at the University. Sometimes, we even call home to confer with parents when you are not doing as well as we and they think you should be doing.

I am glad you have chosen to visit our Website. I look forward to seeing you this fall and the semesters and years to come, until it is time for me to hand you your degree.

In closing, to you and yours, "I wish blessings without number, and all great things without end." (Karenga)

Giving Honor, Praise and Glory to the Creator

Dr. William B. Bynum, Jr. Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management


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