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A commonly shared philosophical orientation frames the SAEM Division’s collective efforts and gives cohesion to the units that comprise it. Student Affairs and Enrollment
Management adheres to the concept of “total student development,” a holistic approach to student development. The services, programs and experiences provided to students by
Student Affairs and Enrollment Management are designed to complement the perspectives, needs, interests, and concerns that influence students’ academic performance as well as their social and personal adjustment to the University setting. Student Affairs and Enrollment Management holds that students’ academic needs, interests, and concerns must be viewed in the context of other influencing factors. Therefore, attention to their development as college students requires comprehensive programming and services, the aim of which is to provide students with skills, knowledge, orientations, experiences, and assistance that facilitate their “active engagement” on campus and persistence through graduation.

The approach to addressing and operationalizing the "Active Engagement" elements include integrated, active, comprehensive and holistic methods.

• "Integrated" means that the Division's efforts will be carried out across departments and involve cooperation with units and departments outside the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division.
• "Active" means that the approach emphasizes outreach, prevention, structure and action.
• “Comprehensive" means that the approach addresses myriad factors related to students' success and progress at the University.
• "Holistic" means that the approach recognizes that students' performance in, success at, and adjustment to university life are affected by numerous factors and forces that interplay in their lives.

In addition, the design ensures that students will concurrently be actively engaged in their
university experiences while the student affairs staff will be actively engaged in its work.
Excellence, team spirit, and support will undergird the staff's work.

Excellence will be displayed in attention to detail in planning and execution of our programs and services. The ultimate goal is to achieve flawless execution and delivery of programs and services. The division’s staff will seek to “raise the bar” with each and every program, activity or informational piece they implement.

Team Spirit and Support
Integrated planning and a shared vision and philosophical tenets will guide and undergird the staff's work. The staff will actively engage in the resolution of critical issues, problems and concerns that affect students, the Division, and/or particular functional areas. Moreover, individual staff members will support joint efforts once consensus is reached or directions are set.

Customer (Student)-Friendly Delivery
Programs and services will be delivered in ways rooted in the recognition that students are the "primary customers" of the University, in general, and of the Student Affairs and
Enrollment Management Division in particular. Therefore, the Division's operations,
procedures, physical and staffing arrangements will be planned, delivered, and arranged with the needs, interests, and concerns of students as its primary customers. Also, the staff will be mindful of the needs, interests, and concerns of parents, coworkers, and colleagues as sets of secondary customers.

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