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The Division of SAEM will foster a student-centered approach to management and office operations.

OBJECTIVE 1.1.1: To measure the work of all staff on how well their activities
support creating an environment that is conducive to student learning.

OBJECTIVE 1.1.2: To identify educational and co-curricular needs of the student
body and provide programs to meet those needs.

OBJECTIVE 1.1.3: To increase opportunities to communicate, recognize, and honor students for their contributions to student life on campus.

The Division of SAEM staff will provide an array of student development programs to address students’ physical, spiritual, emotional, and social development, and will promote leadership development and service opportunities.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.1: To continuously emphasize SAEM’s supportive role for the
academic mission of the University.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.2: To initiate out-of-class activities that foster the development of students’ self-knowledge, critical thinking, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.3: To promote experiences and develop programs which prepare
students for successful integration into a dynamic, diverse, and ever-changing global society.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.4: To design and implement programs which foster students’
appreciation for the value of public service and puts them in touch with the needs of the community.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.5: To design and implement student programs which foster the
development of skills that are used during the life course (e.g., career, life, family,
and financial planning) and equip students to lead successful and productive lives.

OBJECTIVE 3.1.6: To plan and implement experiences through which students
develop the skills to deal effectively with ethical, moral, and societal issues of the

OBJECTIVE 3.1.7: To plan and implement an enrollment management program of student recruitment, orientation and student retention that enhances the University’s marketing effectiveness efforts.

The Division of SAEM will offer programs that prepare students to work and live in other cultures and to communicate in other languages.

OBJECTIVE 4.1.1: To enhance the international diversity of the campus in order to stimulate increased cross-cultural interaction for Lincoln students, faculty, and staff and prepare them for participation in the emerging global society.

OBJECTIVE 4.1.2: To support programming that illuminates and enhances
appreciation of other cultures.

OBJECTIVE 4.1.3: To increase, in conjunction with Academic Affairs, emphasis on the study of languages to prepare students to participate in meaningful international study through which they can gain knowledge of global issues.

The Division of SAEM will assist Academic Affairs in developing innovative
educational programs and services in the Philadelphia area through greater utilization of the Urban Center.

OBJECTIVE 5.1.1: To promote “Workforce Development” in the Philadelphia area by assisting in defining the continuing education focus of the Urban Center.

OBJECTIVE 5.1.2: To promote and recruit for new programs by linking the Urban Center with high schools, colleges and universities and businesses.

The Division of SAEM will work to retain an excellent staff by providing competitive compensation, offering professional development opportunities, and building incentives for improved services.

The Division will upgrade and maintain its staff and student use of technology.

OBJECTIVE 8.1.1: To assist in the development and implementation of a system
that fully integrates information resources and technology into the administration of the University.

OBJECTIVE 8.1.2: To provide all staff and students with access to and training for computing.

The Division of Student Affairs will respond to the rising expectations that the
infrastructure that it oversees (offices, buildings, housing, recreational space) will be constructed, maintained and improved.

OBJECTIVE 9.1.1: To assist the President in seeking funding for the construction of a 400-bed, apartment-style, residence hall.

OBJECTIVE 9.1.2: To assist the Physical Plant staff in the implementation of a
preventive maintenance schedule for all facilities.

OBJECTIVE 9.1.3: To assist the President in the development of a plan to fund the renovation of the residence halls and Student Union Building.

OBJECTIVE 9.1.4: To implement, in cooperation with the Physical Plant, a schedule of checks to ensure facility compliance with state and federal regulations.

OBJECTIVE 9.1.5: To develop, within the Division and with Fiscal Affairs staff, a five-year schedule of all capital needs that will be updated annually.

V.P. SAEM GOAL 10.1:
The Division, in conjunction with Development and External Affairs, will
aggressively seek external funding for the enhancement of existing programs and the development of new programs.

V.P. SAEM GOAL 11.1:
The Division will manage its operating and capital budget and employ cost
containment strategies that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services.

OBJECTIVE 11.1.1: To link strategic planning to resource allocations within the

OBJECTIVE 11.1.2: To maintain a cohesive capital plan that reflects the residence and auxiliary service facility needs.

OBJECTIVE 11.1.3: To improve services to students, faculty and staff through more effective systems and the simplification of administrative processes.

OBJECTIVE 11.1.4: To remain responsible stewards of the resources of the
University and of the State and Federal government.

OBJECTIVE 11.1.5: To respond quickly to all external audit, state and federal

OBJECTIVE 11.1.6: To implement regular, meaningful performance evaluations of all Division staff.

V.P. SAEM GOAL 12.1:
The Division of SAEM managers and staff will promote a management style
conducive to positive relations with all of its constituencies.
OBJECTIVE 12.1.1: To encourage faculty, staff, and students to view themselves as members of one community, whose morale and productivity depend on working towards a common purpose.

OBJECTIVE 12.1.2: To educate Division staff and the campus regarding issues of unrecognized discriminatory behavior in order to eliminate such behavior and to promote appreciation for diversity.

V.P. SAEM GOAL 13.1:
The Division of SAEM staff will play an integral role in selecting and implementing an integrated information system for the campus.

OBJECTIVE 13.1.1: To ensure that accurate and critical data on budgets, students, personnel, activities, and needs will be collected in a management information system to assist internal decision-making.


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