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Criminal Justice Program

Foreign Language Requirements/University Core Curriculum

All Departmental Majors must take 2 consecutive semesters of a foreign language, which will fulfill the language requirement of the University Core Curriculum.

Criminal Justice Major

The Criminal Justice Major is designed to provide students with substantial knowledge of how the criminal justice system works on the local, state, and federal level. There is also a focus on understanding of the changing nature of interactions between criminal justice institutions and the people in these environments. Students will gain an awareness of the impact of different social forces on the types and rates of criminal conduct. The career choices for criminal justice majors are diverse and can include work in corrections, probation, the court system, and in a wide range of law enforcement agencies. Majoring in criminal justice also provides excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing graduate work in the fields of law, public and criminal justice system administration, political science and social work.

Course Descriptions

University Core specific
2 consecutive semester of a foreign language
8 credits
SOC 203- Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
SOC 207 - Criminal Law I 3
SOC 305 - Research Methods 3
SOC 306 - Social Statistics 3
SOC 314 - Criminological Theory
(Formerly referred to as Crime and Delinquency)
SOC 315- Court and Corrections 3
SOC 320 - Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 3
Select one (1): 3 credits 3

PSY 301 - Social Psychology


PSY 314 - Abnormal Psychology

Select one (1): 3 credits 3

POL 201 - State and Local Government


POL 101 - American Government

SOC 410 – Senior Seminar 3
Three Departmental Electives 9 credits
Total 36 credits

Criminal Justice Minor

SOC 101 Intro to Sociology (satisfies University core) 3
SOC 203 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
SOC 207 Criminal Law I 3
SOC 315 Court and Corrections 3
Sociology Elective 3
Total 15 credits