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Third Annual Faculty Appreciation Day

Third A1nnual Faculty Appreciation Day
The third Annual Teacher Appreciation Daywas held on Thursday, the 22th of March, 2012 in the newly renavated Grimm Hall Auditorium. The event was brought to you by Lincoln University Biology Club and the National Association of Black Accountants. The students planned the whole event and even had orchestrated a voting day in the cafeteria to help select the teachers getting the awards.

The event was hosted by Shauna Ebanks and Chilima Webster Chola, who did a wonderful job keeping the crowd entertained and adding their own personal praises to their favorite faculty members and students. Maxwell Moomba started the event with a short prayer, blessing the audience and thanking the faculty for all the great work they have done in guiding, teaching and mentoring a lot of the current and past Lincoln University Students.

There was amazing entertainment through out the event, starting and ending with the musical selection of Jason Stewart and his band of Brothers. The band contributed in keeping the event alive and going due to it starting a little late, but the audience could chat and enjoy some jazzy tunes. There were two dance selections by the Groove Phi Groove Inc and the Onyx Dance Troupe, just showing a fraction of the percentage of their talents and the many talented students at Lincoln University.

The First Faculty Appreciation Day was started by Lincoln's recent graduate, Wachen Peters, who was in attendance even though she is currently trying to finish her graduate degree at the University of Delaware, and was kind enough to give a speech to welcome all the faculty and thank them for coming. The students of Lincoln really love and appreciate everything Ms. Peters has done for L.U. and were kind enough to honor her for starting Faculty Appreciation Day and to wish her success in her future endeavors. Jodi-Ann Foster was kind enough to do a special recognition for Wachen Peters and present her with flowers and a LU coffe mug, and turned out to be a very touching moment.

Dr. Robert Jennings, 13th President of Lincoln University, was in attendance and gave a quick speech on his impression of the event and the importance of having days like these to continue to promote all the great work the faculty are doing because without them there would be no Lincoln Universtiy. President Jennings was also kind enough to lead in the singing of the Alma Mater at the end of the event to encourage the audience to continue promoting the Lincoln Legacy!

Cashauna Hudson was kind enough to do the closing remarks with a video that didnt work properly but the audio was good of all the students thanks their favorite faculty members at Lincoln University. Here is the video again working properly:

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