The 17th Annual Science Fair


The 17th Annual Science Fair and Poster Presentation of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was held on Saturday the 20th of October, 2012. Dr. Susan Safford, Professor of Biology and Chair of the Science Fair Organizing Committee coordinated the proceedings. Dr. John Chikwem, Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics welcomed the participants, visitors and the judges, while Dr. Kenoye Eke, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs brought greetings and opened the event.

Our visitors including students from Harrisburg High School, West Oak Lane Charter School, faculty, students and administrators were thrilled by the brilliant and outstanding poster and oral presentations from the students. The judges who were from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, University of Delaware, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Fox Chase Cancer Center and AI DuPont scrutinized the posters, drilled the presenters and selected the winners in each category.

The following winners emerged from each category of posters:
Cell and Molecular Biology: Ms. Danelia Joefield. "Functional role of specific regions of the tail domain of Myosin IIIA in actin bundled-based motility".

Cancer Biology: Mr. Patrick Ihejirika. "Creating a model antigen system to study the mechanism of GCC-specific tolerance".

Immunology: Ms. Chalwe Diallo. "Ym1 arguments human NK cell killing or tumor cells".

Population, Behavioral and Social Science: Ms. Shavona Burton. "Mouse metabolomics identifying strain and diet metabotypes".

Ecology and Environmental Science: Ms. Isata Panda. "The effects of temperature on hemoglobin affinity and cellulose production of Capitella teleta".

Physical Science: Ms. Kasey Campbell. "Cavitation rheology of 12-hydroxystearic acid in vegetable oil organogels".

Ivory V. Nelson Best overall poster: Ms. Kasey Campbell

We congratulate all the students who took part in the Science Fair. You are all winners!
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