2011 Annual Science Fair

2011 Annual Science Fair

On Saturday October 22, 2011 the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics hosted the 16th Annual Science Fair and Poster Presentation in the Ivory V. Nelson Center for the Sciences. This research symposium afforded 32 undergraduates, from both the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies, with the opportunity to do formal research presentations about their 2011 summer internship research projects at various research-intensive institutions. Dr. Susan Safford, Chair of the Science Fair Committee, welcomed faculty, staff, students and visitors to the annual event that showcased the research completed by Lincoln University undergraduates. Safford clearly outlined the categories for the event, judging criteria and regulations for the oral presentations. Furthermore, Safford expressed that the Science Fair Committee is grateful for the support of President Nelson, the Deans, faculty and the entire Lincoln University family.

Dr. John O. Chikwem, Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, discussed that the purpose of undertaking summer research internships is to familiarize students with useful hands-on techniques in carrying out research projects, analyzing data generated and writing in scientific diction. Chikwem explained that the Annual Science Fair is the outlet for students to inform the Lincoln University community of their summer research while simultaneously providing the occasion to observe the projects of their peers. He encouraged students to remain active participants in the research process and thanked partnering institutions for their dedication to Lincoln University. Dr. Chikwem also welcomed the visiting high school students and charged them with maintaining high standards of excellence as they progress in their academic careers. President Ivory V. Nelson was recognized for his outstanding services and unwavering commitment to Lincoln University and particularly his support of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. President Nelson regarded this event as a symbol of the proactive steps that Lincoln University is making towards enhancing this historic institution and recognized the positive developments of the science fair since his tenure at the university. To offer further motivation to the participating students, Dr. Nelson announced that his office would be donating an additional $1000.00 to the first place winner of the poster competition.

The participating students displayed high levels of scholarship and diligently explained the dynamics involved in their summer research projects at the following institutions: University of Iowa, University of Massachusetts, Fox Chase Cancer Center, University of Akron, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University, Saint Joseph’s University, University of Delaware and University of Southern California. All of the participating students were judged by two staff members from the University of Iowa, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University or Lincoln University. Following the announcement of the winners for each category, each of the six 1st place participants gave 10 minute oral presentations.

Prizes were awarded in each category as follows:
Category A: Cell and Molecular Biology
1st Place: Ms. Uzoamaka Agubokwu: “Testing an Oral Insulin Analog in Diabetic Mice”
2nd Place: Mr. Anup Misra: “Genotyping CD46 and p25 transgenic mice to establish a novel mouse model of neuron-specific viral infection and tauopathy”
3rd Place: Mr. Nathaniel J. Sangster “The Mitochondrial Protein Deacetylase Sirtuin 3 is Critical for Delaying Bax-induced Thymic Lymphoma”
Honorable mention: Ms. Shavona Burton “Role of connexin43 in the skeletal response to mechanical unloading” and Ms. Jhoneil CooperOncogene discovery using murine leukemia virus”

Category B: Cell and Cancer Biology
1st Place: Mr. Patrick Ihejirika “Mitochondrial targeted triphenylphosphonium derivatives for treatment of metastatic melanoma”
2nd Place: Ms. Shauna Ebanks “Q-RT- PCR Analysis of the Immunological Milieu in Tumors Post T-Cells Immunotherapy”
3rd Place: Ms. Jeneice Hamilton “Regulation of Cathepsin Protease Expression in Mouse Ovarian Carcinoma (MOVCAR) Cells”
Honorable mention: Ms. Mildred BaileyCigarette smoking and mutations”

Category C: Cancer Biology: Diagnosis and Treatment
1st Place: Ms. Candice Marie Lynch “A pilot study of a potential novel heterologous prime-boost cancer vaccine”
2nd Place: Ms. Ayanna Raeburn “Inhibition of egfr induces autophagy via nox4 in head and neck cancer cells”
3rd Place: Ms. Jodi-Ann Foster “Effect of Complement on Alemtuzumab-induced NK cell Activation”
Honorable mention: Ms. Darah Doubt-Swinton “Immunotherapy Comparisons Between Adenovirus Prostate Specific Antigen I and Adenovirus Prostate Specific Antigen II”

Category D: Population and Social Sciences
1st Place: Ms. Evelyn Stevens “Preliminary Analyses of the Communication of Genetic Test Results by Telephone (COGENT) Study”
2nd Place: Mr. Terrell M. Myers “Effect of Mental Stress on Coronary Blood Flow in Humans”
3rd Place: Ms. Shantell A. Harrell “Bilateral lesions of the TOAx (thalamic orosensory area) disrupt polycose but not cocaine-induced intake suppression in rats”
Honorable mention: Ms. Akilah Robinson “Bilateral lesions of the thalamic taste area (TTAx) disrupts cocaine induced suppression of CS intake in rats”

Category E: Microbial Ecology & Plant Biology
1st Place: Ms. Sha-Phawn Williams “Impact of Xenobiotics On Plant-Beneficial Microbial Associations”
2nd Place: Ms. Jahbria Geddy “Effects of carbon dioxide on nodulation in alfalfa plants by the symbiont Sinorhizobium meliloti
3rd Place: Mr. Shyam Menon “In vitro Propagation of Simarouba glauca DC. An Important Second Generation Biofuel Crop”
Honorable mention: Ms. Mfon Ekanem “Characterizing Isolates from an Arctic Tundra Soil Microbial Community”

Category F: Physical Sciences
1st Place: Ms. Norrisca Charles “Alternative Fuels: Investigation Of Ammonia Borane Hydroylsis”
2nd Place: Ms. Theresa Akede “Developing an Ultra-Low Power Remote Infrastructure Monitoring System”
3rd Place: Ms. Oluwatobi B. Fatunmbi “Monolayer Stability of Quantum Dots” and Ms. Sanguani Young “Man vs. Machine: Evaluation of the PrepFiler Express on the Automate Express compared to Manual DNA Extraction Methods”

Physiology Award: Ms. Nikoia Fredericksen “Zebrafish Model to Mimic Myopia”

The Matthew Kinnard Award for Best Poster was presented to Ms. Candice Marie Lynch for her research entitled “A pilot study of a potential novel heterologous prime-boost cancer vaccine”.
The funding for this event was made possible by the National Institute of Health Lincolns Excellent Academic Program in Science Forward March (LEAPS-FM) grant.

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