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18th Annual Science Fair and Poster presentation


If you are a student, faculty, staff or administrator at The Lincoln University, and you were not present at the 18th Annual Science Fair and Poster Presentation held on Saturday the 2nd of November 2013 in the Ivory V. Nelson Center for the Sciences, you missed a great opportunity to witness the outstanding performance of our students. The quality of the thirty seven posters and the presentations of the students was enough testimony that our students are holding their ground in advancing the legacy and torch of excellence that was passed down by those who have walked the sacred grounds of our great institution since its founding in 1854.

There were thirty seven posters in five categories as shown below.

Category A: Cell and Molecular Biology
Engineering a direct activity assay for protein phosphatases.
Antoneal Lawrence, Jon Beck and Cliff Stains.
Characterization of CD8+ T cell responses to Glatiramer Acetate (Copaxone®), an FDA approved drug for Multiple Sclerosis.
Ayanna Raeburn, Sushmita Sinha and Nitin J. Karandikar
Role of Toll-Like receptors in EGFR inhibitor-induced skin inflammation
Josephat K. Wahome, Adam T. Koch, Laurie Love-Homan and Andrean L. Simons-Burnet.
Investigating the role of nuclear lamina defects in human disease.
Laurie-Ann Davis, Andrey Poleshko and Richard Katz
The role of FOXM1 in Multiple Myeloma
Jehnae Linkins, Van S. Tompkins, Guido Tricot, Frank Zhan, and Siegfried Janz
Characterizing the role of genetic variants in prostate cancer risk assessment for high risk men.
Rasheid Smith, Nicole Crumpler and Dr. Veda Giri
Modulation of E3 ligase activity by Alpha Synuclein: an exploratory study
Tisha Joseph and John R. Zysk
Category B: Cancer Biology
Fibroblast age-dependent changes in head and neck cancer cell proliferation.
Nathaniel J. Sangster, John Lafin, Jyung Mean Son, Ehab H. Sarsour and Prabhat Goswami
The prevalence of HPV16 in oropharyngeal cancer patients of African ancestry.
Ashley Ellis, John Zysk, Anna Hull, Elizabeth Blackman, Denise Gibbs, Jeffrey Liu and Camille Ragin
Placenta-specific protein 1 (PLAC1) is highly expressed in serous ovarian tumors.
Chinenye Onukwugha, Eric J. Devor and Kimberly K. Leslie
The role of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) in oropharyngeal cancer survival in people of African ancestry.
Patrick Ihejirika, Denise Gibbs, Veda Giri, Elizabeth Blackman, Anna Hull, Robert Beck, Jeffery Liu and Camille Ragin
Functional screening of Cxcr7 activity in human prostate cancer cells.
Daniel Kwesi Appeah, Michael E. Wright, Jordy Hsiao and Brandon H. Ng
Adoptive T-cell therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer.
Shauna Ebanks and Bo Xiang
ABCC10 (MRP7) in non-small-cell lung carcinoma.
Jhoneil Cooper, Elizabeth Hopper-Borge and Janet Wangori-Talbot
The differing effect of vitamin D on lymphoma cells.
Precious de-Winton Cummings, Caitlin Lemke, Laura Rogers, Evi Ontivero and George Weiner.
Category C: Population, Behavioral and Social Science
Ghrelin plus resistance training in frail elderly subjects.
Uzoamaka Agubokwu and Anne R. Cappola.
Cue-induced withdrawal: a comparison study using morphine vs. LiCl in rats.
Raheem L. Mcleod-Dunniehigh, Danielle N. Alexander and Patricia S. Grigson The prevalence of prehypertension and hypertension in children and adolescents in primary care clinics.
Renyta Scales and Nazrat Mirza
Chronic sleep restriction affects heroin self-administration in rats.
Maria Carolina Biran, Danielle N. Alexander and Patricia S. Grigson
Work status of colon and rectal cancer survivors.
Danelia Joefield, Carolyn Fang, Theresa Donnelly, Andrea Barsevick, Crystal Denlinger
The effects of Baclofen on risk-taking behavior in cocaine dependent individuals.
Shakeema A. Jones, Kimberly Young, Zachary A. Monge, Anna Rose Childress
White matter differences in family members and patients with schizophrenia.
Emmanuel L. Woodson, David R. Roalf, Kosha Ruparel, Ruben C. Gur, Raquel Gur and Sean Gallager
Category D: Plant, Ecology & Environmental Biology
Interindividual variation in isothiocyanate metabolism among college students.
Miriam Boyd, Jodi-Ann Foster, Marrisia Moore and Anna Hull
How will downgrading the SCC4 and SYN4 gene expression affect the development of Arabidopsis plants?
Alexis Collier, Kuntal De, Garret Homan, and Christopher Makaroff.
The effect of CowPots on the growth of lettuce and radishes.
Patrick Elliott and Anna Hull
Effects of copper on the red macroalgae Gracilaria domingensis (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta)
Marianne Kreusch, Claudiane Gouveia, Eder C. Schmidt, Rodrigo W. dos Santos and Zenilda L. Bouzon
Leeches (Annelida: Hirudinea) of Sorocaba and Votorantim Region, São Paulo, Brazil
Iwama, R. E. and Arruda, E. P
The Effect of activated carbon on seawater carbon chemistry and Copepod larvae.
Shareena Cannonier, Paul McElhany and Shallin Busch
Characterization of CD4+ T-cell Response to Listeria Monocytogenes-61.
Cindy Obi, Yevgeniy Yuzefpolskiy, Surojit Sarkar and Vandana Kalia
Regulation of bacterial uptake mediated by multiple bacterial exposures
Erin Young , Girish K. , Kalyan D., Bhuvana K., David P., David W. and Rachael M
Category E: Physical and Computer Science
Sample fabrications for demonstration of electron magnetic helical dichroism.
Oluwatobi B. Fatunmbi, Tyler Harvey and Ben McMorran
Electrophoretic deposition and post-electrophoretic deposition as a means to fabricate carbon nanotube thin films.
Kasey L. Campbell, Alex J. Krejci, Tesfaye Gebre, Viet Hung Pham, James H. Dickerson
A computerized system for measuring tumor vascular permeability from microscopic images.
Omoniyi Lamidi and Bo Sun
Creating a new world from 2D.
Miles Richardson and Bo Sun
Blender animation/ motion capture project.
Donovan Anderson, Priyanka Chowdhury and Bo Sun
Link, web and network.
Ibidapo Oluwarotimi and Bo Sun
Development of an electronic mobile application.
Aaron Warrick and Bo Sun
The following winners emerged from each of the categories.
Category A: Cell and Molecular Biology
Judge: Dr. Patrick Kelly, Lincoln

First Place: Ayanna Raeburn
Second Place: Jehnae Linkins
Third Place: Rashid Smith

Category B: Cancer Biology
Judges: Dr. Brandy Pickens, Penn-Port and Dr. Gail Matters, PSU

First Place: Daniel Appeah
Second Place: Shauna Ebank
Third Place: Chinenye Onukwugha

Category C: Population, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Judge: Dr. John Zysk, Lincoln

First Place: Raheem McCleod-Dunniehigh
Second Place: Shakeema Jones
Third Place: Uzoamaka Agubokwu and Carolina Biran (tie)

Category D: Plant, Ecology, and Environmental Biology
Judges: Dr. David Royer, Lincoln and Dr. Michael Chorney, PSU

First Place: Marianne Kreusch and Alexis Collier (tie)
Third Place: Erin Young

Category E: Physical and Computer Sciences
Judges: Dr. Danniebelle Haase, Lincoln and Dr. Khattra, University of Delaware

First Place: Omoniyi Lamidi
Second Place: Kasey Campbell
Third Place: Aaron Warwick

Then the real performance began. The six first place winners in each category made ten minute oral presentations on their research to the entire audience. After the presentations, they answered questions from the participants and judges. The judges then picked the best overall winner. You should have been there to see our students delivering and explaining complex scientific phenomena like any research professor in the field should have done. These students knew their stuff and impressed not just the judges, but also the faculty, students and staff who were present. We were very proud of the performance of the students and wished that all of them could win the coveted Ivory V Nelson best overall poster award. In the end, only one award would be made and it went to Ms. Alexis Collier, a sophomore in the Department of Chemistry and Physics whose poster was titled "How will downgrading the SCC4 and SYN4 gene expression affect the development of Arabidopsis plants? Ms. Collier did her research at Miami University of Ohio.

One of the highlights of the occasion was the honoring of Ms. Theresa Berger, President and CEO of Global Health Sciences and Services. Ms. Berger served as Director of Academic Affairs at the prestigious Fox Chase Cancer Center and was instrumental in the recruitment of our students to internships at Fox Chase Cancer Center. She also mentored, advised and chaperoned our students during their internships and provided needed services to the students. We will miss her presence at Fox Chase Cancer Center, and we will always cherish her friendship and support for our research programs.

The faculty, students and staff of the College of Science and Technology are proud of the performance of all the students who took part in the 18th Annual Science Fair and Poster presentation. For the first time since we began the tradition of the Annual Science Fair, eight of the thirty seven research studies (21.6%) were carried out at Lincoln University by faculty student teams. Five of these posters were from the Computer Science program under the supervision of Dr. Bo Sun; two were from the Biology Department under the supervision of Dr. Anna Hull while one was from the Department of Chemistry and Physics under the supervision of Dr. John Zysk.

We congratulate the winners for their outstanding performance. We thank our judges for taking time from their busy schedules to support our students. We thank our faculty for their contribution of door prizes for about forty students. We thank the students for arranging, cleaning, clearing and restoring the venue before and after the event. We are grateful for the help of the secretarial, technical and volunteer staff. We thank Dr. Safford for volunteering time to organize the science fair, Mr. Uzoma James Chikwem and Ms. Autumn Vogel for secretarial and technical support. We are also grateful for the secretarial support of Ms. Kathleen Clark and Ms. Antoinette Rayfield. We are already looking forward to the 19th Annual Science Fair in 2014, and so should you.

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