7th Annual Science Conference

Tropical Medicine in the Rain Forest

Third A1nnual Faculty Appreciation Day
"Humanitarian Service with a Human Experience"

The Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association (IPTEI) is a private, educational organization designed to educate students in the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious tropical diseases while providing medical assistance to other countries.

TPaIDATM Application for Medical internship/Study Abroad 2011/12
To apply for the medical internship and study abroad through the Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease AssociationTM (IPTEI), please fill out the application/questionnaire attached. If applying for travel, please include a mandatory $75.00 processing fee with your application.

Tuition: For the winter quarter of 2011 and for the year of 2011/2012, tuition is $2,875.00. Please note that 10% of the tuition fee will be nonrefundable along with the $75.00 application fee. In addition, tuition fees are subject to change.


Lincoln University would like to thank Dr. Lane Rollings for flying all the way from Peru to give such an inspirational, powerful talk on why the students need to wake up and face reality to stop this current sick state of our communities in the United States and countries in Africa. Dr. Rollings provided the students with so much good advice that many pay for to hear for free including his 5 steps in becoming successful and how to take it to the next level in life. By the end of the talk almost all the students were grabbing applications to try and get into one of the spots for internship in the Peruvian Rain Forest. Please visit their website: www.tpida.org if you are interested and here is the link again if you want to apply, APPLY NOW.

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