First of Many IPAD Workshop at LU


On Tuesday October 10, 2011 the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics held a seminar entitled The Mobility Revolution in the Ivory V. Nelson Center for the Sciences, which focused on the potential integration of Apple iPad technology to transform the classroom atmosphere into a digital learning environment at Lincoln University. With the current pace of technological advances, it is crucial that the university remains abreast with the utilization of technology in academia in order to provide students with the skills to be competitive in their respective fields.

John Landis, Apple Education Development Executive, focused on the economics, marketing and pedagogy surrounding the use of the Apple iPad in the collegiate environment. According to Landis, the iPad is an affordable tool that can significantly reduce printing costs, creates an attractive feature for perspective students and offers convenient mobile access to course materials. The Information Age has dramatically altered the role of professors from being the primary source of content to serving as a conduit for understanding concepts. The iPad is the instrument that can supply the content for students so the classroom setting can be used for in-depth discussion. Landis emphasized the iPad features and applications that are relevant to the classroom such as personal student planners, language support, video recording capabilities, notebooks, Inkling and Good Reader. A prominent highlight of the seminar was the ePub textbook application that enables students to view video or audio files in textbooks and make notations without an internet connection. The use of the Apple iPad will afford both students and faculty with the opportunity to harness the potential of technology to enhance their intellectual growth and adequately prepare for the future.

The funding for this seminar was made possible by the National Institute of Health Lincolns Excellent Academic Program in Science Forward March (LEAPS-FM) grant.

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