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Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is to offer challenging programs and effective advising, that will adequately prepare our students for graduate and professional schools, and an exciting working experience in an age of advanced technology. Our effort is anchored on giving our students a mastery of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science and communication skills as a gateway to the acquisition of knowledge of the physical world and the sciences. We are committed to providing our students with the ability to think critically, to communicate effectively in writing and speech, and also to master the technological and computing skills necessary for functionality in the 21st century. We are also committed to providing an environment conducive to learning and appreciating the sciences through classroom teaching, hands-on laboratory exercises, undergraduate research, seminars, workshops and internships. Lastly, it is our commitment to mentor our students to be successful in their career goals, in pursuing graduate and professional training and in life-long learning.

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Mission Statement

The overall mission of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is to develop in our students the knowledge and skills required in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, and also to develop in them inquisitive and analytical minds required to appreciate the mechanics of the world and its environments. This will enable our students to be better prepared for their day to day activities and also to become better citizens of the world and to develop an understanding of basic scientific values. We are committed to working closely with the Schools of Social Sciences and Humanities, in fulfilling the mission of Lincoln University in fostering the proper teaching and education of our students.

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Our operational philosophy in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is rooted on the history of Lincoln University as the first HBCU and the characteristics of the students that we serve. In that regard, the basis of our philosophical learning is not really abstract.
1. It is our belief that anyone can learn even very complex materials if they are given the opportunity and provided with a conducive environment that stimulates the learning process.

2. It is our belief that good teaching depends on the exchange of ideas between students and their teachers. Therefore, all students must be motivated to be responsible for their education, and not be passive listeners in the classrooms.

3. It is our belief that a great college experience must include research and inquiry since these activities evoke the excitement of discovery and achievement whenever a complex problem is resolved.

4. It is our belief that teaching science and mathematics must be done in small class sizes because this setting facilitates the engagement of students to think critically, learn actively and work through complex problems.

5. We believe that underprepared students must be passionately supported through mentoring, advising and encouragement, for if they succeed others on the way lose the doubt that they are here to succeed.

It is our philosophy to encourage our students to be ethical in the pursuit of knowledge, for while science has helped resolve numerous problems around the world, it has also created as many.


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