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Housing &Room Selection


Room selection is the process for which students select their housing for the next year.  There are two ways this happens

1. Return to same room process- Students have the option of remaining in their same room they lived in the year prior

2. Standard Room Selection event- Students can come and select which room they want to live in.


Missed Room Selection Information Session:  Download the info here

Room Deposits
  • $75 Room deposits must be paid to the bursars participate in the Room Selection Process

ASL & Single Room Requirements

  • Students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Students must be clear of judicial holds or infractions
  • Students currently residing in a single or in ASL must meet requirements to retain residence
  • Please note school scholarships do not cover the additional ASL cost

First Year Housing Information
  • Your room deposit must be paid before you are placed in a room
  • You will receive a letter regarding your building placement.
  • You may call after August 1st to find out which hall you will be living in.
  • You will receive your room number on move in day to make sure all your other clearances are taken care of first
  • First year students will receive 19 meals per week which comes with 100 flex dollars per semester to be used at one of many campus eateries.
  • Upperclassmen students will have the choice of 19 meals per week which comes with 100 flex dollars per semester or 14 meals per week which comes with 50 flex dollars per semester to be used at one of many campus eateries.
  • You can add more flex dollars to your account
  • After your ID is activated for the semester, you are not allowed to downgrade your meals from 19 to 14 per week
  • If you pay your room deposit late, you may have your meal plan option chosen for you if you do not express a preference




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