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AKA Memorial Endowed Scholarship/Technology FundAwarded to one (per year) female, junior student with 3.0 and leadership in 2 campus organizations or teams; preference to out-of-state student.
Barker, Dr., ScholarshipAwarded to promising students.
Bellmeyer, Mrs. George S., ScholarshipAwarded to a student who demonstrates initiative, motivation and academic excellence and who is in need of financial assistance.
Bond, Horace Mann - Leslie Pinckney Hill ScholarshipAwarded to a Pennsylvania resident who is a graduate of Lincoln University who will be studying Law, Medicine including Podiatric Medicine  or Dentistry at Pennsylvania State University, Temple University or University of Pittsburgh.
Cain, C. Morris, ScholarshipAwarded to students with at least a 3.0 GPA in need of scholarship assistance.
Cannon, Drs. George E. and George D., ScholarshipAwarded to deserving students on the basis of need, high scholastic achievement, ability; and who come from all areas of the world, but preferably of PA origin.
Carter, Robert L., '37, Scholarship, in honor of The Honorable Robert L. CarterAwarded to an African American in need of financial assistance and who exhibits high academic potential.
Clapp, Richard, ScholarshipAwarded to worthy students.
Coleman, Dr. Frank "Tick", Class of 1935, ScholarshipAwarded to deserving students, on the basis of need, who exemplify moral fortitude, leadership and scholarship.
Combined Fund No.1 ScholarshipAwarded to African American males with preference given to such applicants, if any, as may be taking pre-ministerial courses.
Deaver, Elmer Roe, Scholarship, established by Elmer R. Deaver, president of Quaker City Life Insurance Company for many yearsAwarded to academically qualified students who might not be able to attend college due to demonstrated unmet financial need and who come from families with limited financial resources.
Dickey, Dr. Parke Atherton, '28, Scholarship, endowed by his wife, Mrs. Janet W. DickeyAwarded to a junior or senior majoring in finance and banking in the Department of Economics and Business Administration on the basis of scholastic achievement and service to other people.
Dodge, William H., ScholarshipAwarded to a student who demonstrates initiative, motivation and academic excellence.
Doggett, John N., '42, and Juanita T., ScholarshipAwarded to early childhood/elementary and pre-theological students who will teach and /or preach.
Donaldson, Audrey Brown, Scholarship, in honor of the mother of Dr. James A. Donaldson, '61Awarded to a math or science major.
Dunlap, John, ScholarshipAwarded to needy and deserving students.
Fife, Frederick and Margaret, ScholarshipAwarded annually to a female student completing her junior year and going into her senior year.
Franklin, Ruth O. and Robert L., ScholarshipAwarded annually.
Grim, Harold F., ScholarshipAwarded to Lincoln students entering the medical field.
Hess, Louise F., ScholarshipAwarded to worthy and/or deserving students of more than average ability to obtain their education.
Hogans, Senior M., ScholarshipAwarded to a worthy student.
Holley, Joseph W., ScholarshipTo aid and assist students in religious education and training.
Johnson, J. E., Memorial ScholarshipAwarded to students who strive for excellence. Awarded to deserving students in need of financial assistance.
Kennett Area Joint Action Committee ScholarshipAwarded to qualified minority students who are residents of, for at least the high school senior year, and who have graduated from the Kennett Consolidated, the Avon Grove, or the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District.
King, Jr., Martin Luther, ScholarshipAwarded annually to a student on the basis of merit and need.
Laws, Catherine B., Scholarship, bequeathed by Mrs. Catherine B. LawsTo be used to provide financial aid to academically eligible students from the Chester-Upland School District, Delaware County, PA.
Lockett, Dr. Amaza M., ScholarshipAwarded to worthy and needy students.
Mattison, Clarence E., Memorial Scholarship, endowed by the family, friends and classmates of the late Clarence Mattison, Class of 1966)Awarded to the junior or senior student who has demonstrated outstanding creative ability and talent in the fields of music and art.
Miller, Edward Charles, ScholarshipAwarded to students who have the greatest potential for achievement, success, and progress in life, and who are in need of financial aid to enter or to complete their college work.
Miner, Myrtella, Scholarship Awarded to students who are residents of Washington, D.C.
Moody, Bessie Crawford and Robert Andrew, ScholarshipAwarded to a black student going into the ministry with a "B" or better average.
Mourning, Floyd C. and Estelle C., ScholarshipAwarded annually to at least three deserving and able students.
Nelson, John, ScholarshipAwarded to students in need of financial assistance to complete their college education at Lincoln University.
Newhouse Foundation ScholarshipAward to incoming and continuing students (Newhouse Scholars) with declared interest in humanities; academically talented with at least a "B" average. Preference for at least two of ten awards given to upperclassmen in journalism or communications.
Newton, I. Gregory, ScholarshipAwarded to an outstanding, worthy junior in the social sciences.
Pitkin, H. W., Scholarship Awarded to needy and deserving students.
Rafters' Charities Annual Scholarship AwardAwarded to a student of good character, who has maintained at least a 2.5 average and who has a demonstrated need for financial assistance.
Robeson, Paul, ScholarshipAwarded to a senior who is a humanities major and who has been accepted into graduate school. Preference is given in the following order: drama, art, religion.
Rudd, Dr. DeForest, Scholarship, endowed by the Chemistry Department, students and friends of Dr. DeForest Rudd in commemoration of his distinguished career of 36 years at Lincoln University Awarded to a chemistry major with no more than 60 credit hours. Scott, Austin H., Memorial Scholarship Awarded to promising students.
Severance, L. H., ScholarshipAwarded to students who have demonstrated through academic accomplishments their desire to complete their education.
Small, Isabel, ScholarshipAwarded to students in need of funds with a GPA above 3.0.
Smoot, Naomi Woodard, ScholarshipAwarded to an African American who has lost one or both parents and who is a top student.
Spottswood, John B., ScholarshipAwarded to deserving students with at least a 3.0 GPA.
Stanford, Leah A., ScholarshipAwarded to a student majoring in mathematics.
Suthern, Orrin Clayton, ScholarshipAwarded to a student majoring in music.
Tucker, Florence R., ScholarshipAwarded to students based on merit and need.
Washington Chapter/Lincoln University Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Awarded to students from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area who have been recommended by the Washington Chapter.

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