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The Department of Psychology’s faculty members have broad areas of expertise and strive to remain current with regard to skills and knowledge. Their overriding desire is to transfer this knowledge and to promote academic success. They take an active interest in the well-being of each student and are available to discuss plans for graduate school, internships, and employment.

Each faculty member has office hours posted on his/her door. Please make an appointment to meet with a faculty member during those hours. Appointments may be made directly with the faculty member or with the Department secretary. Drop-ins are discouraged except in emergencies.


Denise Gaither-Hardy
M.A., University of Delaware
Assistant Professor, Interim Chair

Office: 350 Dickey Hall
Email -

Research Interests: Psycho-social Factors and Obesity, HIV/AIDS among Young Adults, Women’s Health Issues, Research Methodology and Statistics, Nonverbal Communication

Professor Gaither-Hardy

Lennell R. Dade
Ph.D., Howard University
Associate Professor

Office: 348 Dickey Hall
Email –

Research Interests: Sex Roles and Sex Role Stereotypes in Africans.

Dr. Dade
Kevin E. Favor
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Associate Professor

Office: 346 Dickey Hall
Email -

Research Interests: Counseling Strategies for Adolescents and Young Adults, Mental Health Issues for Racial and Ethnic Groups, Evaluations of Treatment Strategies for Health Related Disorders, Organizational Consultation: Employment Stress Issues and Employment Satisfaction.
Dr. Favor
Penelope J. Kinsey
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Office: 349 Dickey Hall
Email -

Research Interests: Hypnosis and Immune System Functioning, Psychosocial and Personality Factors in the Assessment of Pain, Evaluations of Treatment Modalities for Health-Related Disorders.
Dr. Kinsey
June Van Rooyen, Program Assistant Office 343 Dickey Hall
Email –


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