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Recent Departmental Activities

Dr. Lennell Dade served as Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees.  Served on the Faculty appointment Committee.  Facilitated the assessment of Lincoln's President.  Attended The Association of Black Psychologists Conference.

Dr. Kevin E. Favor is the Chair of the Psychology Department.  Led review of departmental curriculum.  Coordinated the Henry Cornwell Lecture Series.  Co-directed the annual Senior Seminar Colloquium.  He helped prepare two seniors for their participation in an undergraduate research conference sponsored by Messiah College, Lancaster, PA - April 2003.  Served on Act 101/Time Advisory Board, the Institutional Review Board, and the Middle States Students and Student Services Task Force for the University.  Professionally, he served on the Maryland Psychological Associations Diversity Committee.  Attended Autism Spectrum Disorders: Current Trends in Diagnoses, Assessment & Treatment workshop in Bethesda, MD.  Attended the Multiple Sclerosis Conference,  Moderator/Presenter Young Researchers Poster Presentation and Reception at the Lonnie Mitchell National HBCU Substance Abuse Conference.  His achievements include publications, grants, research and service.   Recertified in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Substance Use.  Disorders by the College of Professional Psychology.

Denise Gaither-Hardy served on the Middle States Task Force Committee for Lincoln University, Departmental Liaison for the Honors Program and was a University Marshal. Prepared a four-year Psychology Department general track schedule for incoming students. She is a Freshman Advisor and a Psychology Club Advisor.  Aided in revising the Industrial/Organizational track.  Coordinated with the Lincoln Library in holding the Henry Cornwell Colloquium Annual Fine Arts Presentation.  Submitted Grant proposals:  Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow - to the Paul Robeson fund for Independent Media..  Attended the National Center for Health Statistics Conference in Washington, DC.  Statistian for Dr. Chilwem and Dr. Louden HIV Nigerian Grant.  Her Achievements include publications, grants, research and service.

Dr. Penelope Kinsey attended the National Center for Health Statistics: Data Users Conference in Washington, DC.  Paper submitted and approved for publication by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology by Stephen Peters, Penelope Kinsey and Thomas Malloy; Title of Investigation:  Perceptions of Leadership: Components and Dispositional Correlates in An African-American College Sample.  Finalized and submitted for publication: "The Religious-Spiritual Orienting System of African-Americans; coping Implications for Conceptual and Empirical Efforts in Personality Assessment."   Paper submitted to Lincoln University Press.  Collaborated with Drs. John Chilwem and Delroy Louden for re-submission of grant "Socioeconomic and Demographic Characteristics of Drug Users in relation to Health and HIV/AIDS in Jamaica" to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMSHA).  Professional Consultant to the Pemberton School District's programming activities to diversify district personnel.  Assisted with the Psychology Department Henry Cornwell Lecture Series.  Prepared and co-directed the annual Senior Seminar Colloquium.  Provided funds for the activities sponsored by the Psychology and Psi Chi Clubs.  Helped prepare three seniors for their participation in an undergraduate research conference sponsored by Messiah College.  She is a member of Lincoln University's HPER Faculty/Athletic Trainer Search Committee and Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Honors Program.  Presented for the School of Social Sciences and Behavioral Studies Brown Bag Lecture Series. Achievements are publications, grants, research and service.





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