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University Goals/Objectives  Adopted by Board of Trustees, September 21, 2013

University Goals/Objectives


Goal 1:  Recruit and retain students with high potential and strong academic achievements

 1.    Increase freshman class enrollment by a minimum of 50 students annually from 2013-2018.

2.    Increase overall SAT score average of entering freshmen by 12 points annually.

3.    Increase high school GPA average by 20 points annually.

4.    Add two different states, territories or cities where we recruit annually.

5.    Increase transfer students by 15 annually.

6.    Increase graduate enrollment by 50 annually.

7.    Evaluate all retention measures currently in place, modify where needed and communicate university wide.

8.    Require every College and department to develop a retention plan with measureable targets.

9.    Establish and maintain a set of comprehensive programs and experiences inclusive of student and academic services.

10. Increase overall retention rate by 3-5% annually.

11. Strengthen recruitment initiatives and develop scholarship opportunities for students from Asia, Africa and Europe.

Goal 2:  Enhance, expand and strengthen the University’s academic programs and services

 1.    Increase research grant activity by 5% annually.

2.    Increase faculty publications by 2% annually.

3.    Increase faculty scholarly presentations by 2% annually.

4.    Increase the number of community partners in each College by three annually.

5.    Conduct market analysis on programs and services needs within the region and state and develop associated majors, minors and programs or services if feasible.

6.    Evaluate and assess academic programs or services for effectiveness and efficiency and make changes when necessary.

7.    Secure in-field accreditation for at least one program every other year.

8.    Provide a fund to support faculty development.

9.    Establish a Teacher Learning Center.

10. Initiate and develop student exchange programs in Asia, Africa and Europe.

11. Increase the number of students studying abroad.

12. Assist faculty in establishing linkages in other countries to strengthen course offerings.


Goal 3:  Foster a learner-centered environment that inspires teaching, learning, research, and service

 1.    Establish learning communities in three of the residence halls annually beginning 2013.

2.    Develop an education program that will certify university personnel in understanding and implementing the components of a learning community.

3.    Annually recognize individuals and/or programs that are proven “best practice” models and consider for university-wide implementation.

4.    Publish at least one article annually on learner-centered environment results.

5.    Increase by 2% annually the number of students and faculty engaged in service both internally and externally.

Goal 4:  Strengthen the institution’s   

1.    Increase capital improvement expenditures by 10% annually.

2.    Replace Azikiwe Nkrumah Hall with a new structure.

3.    Renovate the Alumni house and relocate the Alumni office to the facility.

4.    Establish an art center.

5.    Establish a university-wide sustainability initiative.

6.    Renovate Dickey Hall.

7.    Increase private sector gifts by 10% annually.

8.    Increase alumni gifts by 2% annually.

9.    Update and develop a comprehensive university-wide Master Plan.

10. Implement Wi-Fi service in all buildings.

11. Review and update safety as well as disaster plans and educate all parties on their components.

12. Align the University’s budget allocations to strategic goals.

13. Launch silent phase of $10 million Capital Campaign.

Goal 5:  Operate as the public square of Southern Chester County & the Delaware Valley

1.    Invite Southern Chester County and Delaware Valley groups to utilize the University’s facilities.

2.     Increase speaking engagements, workshops and seminars offered by alumni, faculty, staff and students in Southern Chester County and the Delaware Valley.

3.    Increase the number of The Lincoln University personnel on boards in Southern Chester County and the Delaware Valley.

4.    Increase the number of students providing tutoring and other services to public or charter schools, community centers and non-profit organizations in Southern Chester County and the Delaware Valley.

5.    Invite the community to participate in university-sponsored events.

6.    Utilize the University’s facilities as a voting precinct.

7.    Publicize the University’s programs and services via print and non-print media within Southern Chester County and the Delaware Valley.

8.    Increase recruitment of students in Southern Chester County and the Delaware Valley.

9.    Adopt an elementary, middle or high school in Southern Chester County or the Delaware Valley.

10. Increase support and donations to local social service and educational entities.





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