Presidentís Cabinet Meeting
December 18, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President William B. Bynum, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Mr. Samuel W. Pressley, and Mr. Jerryl Briggs.

Dates for Lincoln to travel and make presentations in Harrisburg: Lincoln has three very important events scheduled in Harrisburg early in the New Year: a) Lincoln Legislative Reception, January 31, 2001; b) Senate Budget Hearing, February 26, 2001; and c) House Budget Hearing, February 27, 2001.

University Student Body Concerns: SGA President Ethel Adu, submitted a list of student concerns dated Dec. 12, 2000 to President Nelson. Items included studentsí safety on campus; SGAís concerns regarding absence of an executive officer; pay checks; and judicial branchís procedures.

PA Dept. of Educationís Higher Education Graduation Incentive Program Survey 2000:
The General Assembly has provided in this yearís budget a provision that will provide financial incentives to four-year institutions that graduate 40 percent or more state students in four years (five years for five-year program). Dr. SubbaRao will take responsibility and fill out the form.

Environmental Alliance Progress Report, 9-1-00 to 11-30-00: Lincoln is up to date.

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Foundation: Dr. SubbaRao will review and administer.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Jerryl Briggs, Dean of Students and Housing, made a new presentation on Lincoln selecting a company to construct privatized housing for students. The updated RFP included suggestions from University administrators and legal counsel. Due to the critical need, the University wants to issue the RFP as soon as possible and for bids to be returned by Feb. 5.

Samuel W. Pressley
Director, Marketing and Communications

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