President's Cabinet Meeting

December 6, 1999

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Dr. Renford Brevett, Ms. Maria Adams Pearson, Mr. Steve Carol, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Mr. Steve Carol, Director of MIS, gave an update on the status of the University's preparedness for Y2K.  He indicated that the financial systems and payroll are in good shape.  However, because there is not enough time to upgrade the POISE system a retrofit will be done to get through the next registration period.  Staff from Campus America will perform this retrofit.  Mr. Carol estimated that it would take five days to perform this task for billing & registration.  He also indicated that he might need personnel from certain areas to be at the University during the end of the year to test the systems.  A letter will be sent to the community regarding this (Mr. Carol to draft).

Status of Projects/Assignments - The following list was distributed by Dr. Nelson and will be distributed to faculty at their Dec. 7th meeting.

A. Student Affairs Reports (Deadline Dates/Who's In Charge)

1. RFP for Financial Aid Consultant
2. Search for Financial Aid Director
3. Policy on Greek Organization
4. Security Plan Purchase of Equipment/ Campus & Urban Center
5. Financial Aid Application by March 30, 2000
6. Policies/Program on Collection of Student Fees
7. Progress Report  and Statistics on 2000 Undergraduate/ Graduate Admission
8. Program for Completion of Financial Aid Application for Returning Students
9. 2000-2001 Operating Budget Preparation (Mission/Goals, Cost Centers)
10. Search for University Chaplain
11. RFP for University Food Service
12. Specific Goals Under the Presidential Priorities not covered here
13. Minutes of Staff Meetings Circulated (Direct Reports)
14. Committee of Financial Aid/Admissions/Registrar
15. Capital Budget Spending
B. Fiscal Affairs Reports (Deadline Dates/Who's In Charge)
1. University Travel Policy
2. Issuing of RFPs (Food Service/Bookstore)
3. Timely Conformance Reports
4. 2000-2001 Operating Budget Guidelines/Forms (Mission/Goals: Fiscal)
5. Issuing of Contract to Begin Delinquent Fee Collection
6. Beginning Bargaining on Union Contracts (Faculty/Secretarial)
7. Report on 1998-99 KPMG Internal Audit
8. Report on 1999-00 KPMG Internal Audit
9. Financial Disclosure Report Complying with Code of Conduct
10. Report on Management Information System/Y2K
11. Specific Goals Under the Presidential Priorities not covered here
12. Minutes of Staff Meetings Circulated (Direct Reports)
13. Capital Budget Spending (Physical Plant)
14. TIAA CREF Corrective Action Plan
15. Physical Plant Regulatory Agency Issues
C. Development & External Relations (Deadline Dates/Who's In Charge)
1. University Web Page
2. Search for Director of Alumni Affairs
3. Search for Director of Communications
4. Report on Federal Grants/Contracts at University
5. 2000-2001 Operating Budget (Cost Centers/Mission/Goals)
6. Specific Goals Under the Presidential Priorities not covered here
7. Minutes of Staff Meetings Circulated (Direct Reports)
8. Capital Budget Spending
9. Logo, Seal & Slogan Committee
10. Presidential Inaugural Planning Committee
11. International Cultural Center
D. Academic Affairs (Deadline Dates/Who's In Charge)
1. 2000-01 Budget Preparation (Mission/Goals)
2. Urban Center Reorganization
3. Information for RFP for Bookstore
4. Faculty Union Bargaining Process
5. Faculty Recruitment/Staffing Plan
6. Executive Leadership Computer Laboratory
7. Specific Goals Under the Presidential Priorities not covered here
8. Minutes of Staff Meeting Circulated (Direct Reports)
E. President
1. Revision of Faculty By-Laws
2. Charges Given to Faculty/Staff Committees
* Promotion, Tenure & Severance Committee
* Educational Policy Committee
* Admissions Committee
* University Technology Task Force
* Committee on Assessment
* Curriculum Committee
* Committee to Coordinate Financial Aid, Recruitment, Admissions, and Returning Students Fall 2000
3. Task Force on Role/Mission/Urban Center
4. Strategic Planning Committee
5. Search Committee for Vice President/Academic Affairs
6. Completion of Goals listed under University Priorities not listed here
The Lincoln University Urban Center - Dr. Nelson distributed to the Cabinet copies of a draft memorandum to the L.U. Campus regarding the role of the Urban Center.

NAFEO 25th National Conference February 13-17, 2000 - The question of whether L.U. should purchase a table at the banquet was discussed.  Dr. Nelson will make a decision after reviewing information provided by the office of Development.

ACE testing of financial aid data exchange systems - In order to secure the federal punitive damage protection for Y2K related problems related to federal student aid programs, schools must have at least begun the process of testing their financial aid data exchange systems with the U.S. Department of Education by December 17, 1999. Mr. Steve Carol will handle.

Major Donors list and Honorary Degree solicitation project - These items will be provided to President Nelson before the week is out.

Dept. of Labor & Industry Urban Center violations - In August 1999, the University received notice from L&I concerning deficiencies in the elevator operations at the Urban Center.  Vice President McCusker explained that the notice did not get to the appropriate persons for handling.  This matter has been placed on the physical facilities list of items to be addressed and will be handled as soon as possible.

Advertisement for VP Academic Affairs - A draft was submitted to the Cabinet for review.  Diane Brown will make suggested revisions and return to Human Resources for publication before the holiday break.


Enrollment Planning & Student Life
Vice President Hence shared with the Cabinet a memo received from Jansen Robinson, Director of Public Safety & Security, concerning Prioritized Security Spending Line Item.    The list of items did not include the Urban Center.  A revised list must be compiled to include the Urban Center, computer labs, computer processors in Dickey Hall, the African Art collection, and the Library.

Vice President Hence informed the Cabinet that the office of admissions is looking for a permanent site to set up to welcome parents and students to campus.  It was agreed that the Guest House could possibly be used for this purpose.

There was also discussion about the possibility of moving student services (financial aid, registrar, admissions) to the SUB.  This move would provide a more comfortable space for students who are waiting to be seen during the registration process. The Cabinet had no objection as long as the idea was OK with the students.

Fiscal Affairs
Vice President McCusker shared with the Cabinet a new form that will be used by the Business Office to obtain proper documentation and signoffs for paying invoices.  When necessary, final notices will be sent to the vice president of the particular area.

The University will explore the possibility of utilizing the State Police to supplement security services.  A notice will be sent to the campus concerning this.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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