President's Cabinet Meeting

December 1, 1999

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Ms. Facey-Jones distributed to the Cabinet a list of employees who have not yet signed and returned the acknowledgement form attached to the Code of Conduct.  The Vice Presidents were asked to obtain a signed form for all persons in their areas.  Dr. Nelson will distribute a memo to the campus indicating all employees are covered by the Code whether or not they sign the acknowledgement form.  However, due to audit requirements, it is important that employees sign the form and return it to the office of Human Resources.

Ms. Facey-Jones also brought to the attention of the Cabinet that there are a few instances of full-time Lincoln employees who are employed part-time by the food service contractor.  It was agreed that this is allowable as long as they are not in a position to influence the negotiation of contract matters.  All future vendor contracts will state that the vendor must notify Human Resources when they wish to hire a Lincoln employee to ensure there is no conflict of interest.  Employees are responsible for disclosing such an arrangement to Lincoln as well.

Those vice presidents who have not yet done so, were asked to submit their administrative job descriptions to Human Resources as soon as possible so the January 15, 2000 deadline can be met.

Infection Control Program - Ms. Facey-Jones was asked to review this policy with the Nurse to clarify several issues raised by the Cabinet.  It appeared that this policy was geared toward students.  Ms. Jones and Nurse Racine are to ensure that this policy is in sync with the Infectious Disease policy adopted for employees.

Procedure for Residence Life Checkout  - A letter had been received from the SGA objecting to a new procedure established by Residence Life to enforce the recent resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees pertaining to payment of fees by students.  Vice President Hence has prepared a response to the SGA that attempts to resolve the issue.

To Touch the Future: Transforming the Way Teachers are Taught - President Nelson distributed an executive summary of this report published by the American Council on Education (ACE).  The report spoke of the importance of teacher education and the challenges facing Presidents and Chancellors.  Dr. Nelson feels teacher education is an important area and asked what Lincoln could do to encourage the growth of Lincoln's program.

Concerns re faculty missing classes and Admissions - Dr. Nelson  received a letter concerning a faculty member only showing up for one of the five days a class met during the week.  The parent also expressed concern about the lack of response from the Admissions office to her son's request for application material.  Vice Presidents Winchester and Hence will follow up on these matters and respond to the letter.

Recruiting Staff - Vice President Winchester submitted the following draft of the role of the department chair or director in the search process.
1) Chair/Director submits a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to the Vice President
    a) Attach to the PAF a justification for the position.  In the case of teaching faculty, list enrollments for courses over the past two years and project same for the next two years.  Add additional justification as appropriate.
    b) Attach to PAF a recommended search committee.  Contact the SGA for a recommended student.  Include someone from outside the department on the search committee.
    c) Attach to PAF addresses of places in addition to the Chronicle and Black Issues where the ad might appear.
    d) Attach to PAF language for the ad (suggested rank, qualifications).
2) Search committee reviews applications and invites at least two candidates to campus.
3) Interview schedule must include a visit with Dr. Joy Carew, English Fluency Officer, VP for Academic Affairs, and with Human Resources.  Among other things, Human Resources is responsible for assigning campus housing.
4) Search committee should leave discussion of salary to VP for Academic Affairs.
5) Search committee recommends a candidate to VP for Academic Affairs.
6) Contract offer goes out over signature of VP for Academic Affairs.
7) Signed faculty contracts are returned to the Office of Academic Affairs. VP for Academic Affairs will notify the chair of the search committee when contract is returned and will handle any final negotiations.  Signed contracts for staff are returned to Human Resources.
8) No one should work until a contract has been finalized.

Students on Committees - A Student is to be included on all search committees.

1998-99 annual report on PHEAA grant & loan Programs - The following reports on monies received by Lincoln students for 1998-99 were received from PHEAA.

Grant Program:    426 awards made totaling 1,040,987

Stafford Loan:
 Undergraduates = 1,150 borrowers totaling $5,329,191
 Graduates=            417 borrowers totaling $4,287,656
 Total Loans            1,567 borrowers totaling $9,616,847

Plus Loan:           87 borrowers totaling $  451,736
MSA Commission on Higher Education - The Commission has asked for recommendations of individuals to serve on Middles States evaluation teams.  Vice President Winchester will handle.

International Day - Dr. Robert E. Millette is making plans to host a Lincoln University International Day on campus.  He has suggested holding it during the week of the President's inauguration (April 10-15, 2000).  The Cabinet had no objections.

Welfare to Work Program - The University's lobbyist has sent a letter to Ms. Karen Fleisher, Executive Director of PennServe, informing them of the Welfare to Work Program initiated by Dr. Babatunde.   Dr. Babatunde began the program using his own money as the funding source, and is to be commended for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of Lincoln's students.

News Article re Act 101 - "Program helps students succeed"  Daily Local News, November 20, 1999


Academic Affairs
African Art Collection - NLS Systems, Inc. has submitted a proposal to furnish and install a Security/Fire and early detection of water and moisture system in the area where the collection is housed.  The University will contract with NLS to furnish the basic system at a cost of $2,370 and 24 Hour Central Office Monitoring at $12.00/Month.

Printing Major(s) on Diploma - The Senior Class President has inquired as to whether diplomas could also specify the majors of the graduates.  The Registrar has ascertained that to do this would add an additional 50 cents to the cost of the diplomas.  It was agreed that the University would incur this expense.

Honorary degree for deceased student - An article from the Lincolnian indicated that the SGA announced that the University would establish an honorary degree for Angelo Rhodes, a former student who was killed over the Summer.  The Faculty determines awarding of degrees and they would have to make such a recommendation to the Board.  Vice President Winchester will consult with the Faculty on this matter after the semester break.
Development and External Relations
Major Donor Prospect list - on next Cabinet agenda.

Plan to Establish Contact with Honorary Degree Recipients - on next Cabinet agenda.

Infragard - Vice President Fairbanks will get further information on this FBI partner program.


Records Retention - There was discussion concerning the need to gather and catalogue the University's records in one place.  President Nelson suggested that students might be hired to assist in this project.  Vice President Winchester suggested that the Historical Society might have grants available to fund this type of activity.

Chaplain Search - Vice President Hence is to make certain that the candidates are informed that the Chaplain will not be involved in the academic side of campus.  In addition, requirements relative of office hours and campus activities are to be clearly defined.

Other items on the agenda were provided for information only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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