President’s Cabinet Meeting
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
2:00 p.m.

ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Provost and Senior Vice President Grant D. Venerable, and Ms. Diane M. Brown.  Mr. John Thompson and Dr. Harold Aubrey attended a portion of the meeting.
Cabinet meeting minutes of November 4, 2010 were approved.
Mr. Thompson provided the following report:
A plan is in place to address the grounds, specifically the week before our upcoming board meeting. Due to our small work force an outside contractor will remove most of our leaves.
Campus Power:
We are currently trying to coordinate a meeting between all parties to address our power concerns and upgrades.
Campus Lighting:
The lighting contractor had repaired 80 of the 217 street lights around the campus.
DGS Project Status:
         Project 1101-28: N/C This project includes a third 150KV generator and also some modifications to the distribution of the services. The recent developments with PECO are being considered and they must be taken into consideration with our new design.
         Project 1101-32 Vail Hall: The completion target date remains December.  Interior duct work and the installation of the HVAC units is ongoing.
         Projects 1101-39 (Grimm) 1101-43 (Wright) and 1101-44 (Library):  All three projects are on schedule. Weather has not affected these projects.
         Projects 1101-45 (Landscape) and 1101-46 (Athletics): Work continues to take place at various locations around the campus. The site contractor is jumping around the site and this causes us some concern. We disputed a change order that was requested for the Point 1 contractor to be compensated $130,000 for sub standard soil. Early this week the DGS Regional Construction manager did agree with our argument and the change order was denied. A future claim could be placed, but our case is very strong.
         Project 1101-47 (Wellness Center): The foundation is in place and we have started to erect the steel. We are pulling together various material samples for the President’s review. So far, the project has been granted a 3 day delay because of wet weather.
         Project 1101 – 48 (Dickey Hall): The project outline was sent to the DGS engineering plan section so the process can begin. No dates are available at this time.
Project Contacts:
1.      1101-28-3 Additional Generator = Chris Morris & J. Thompson
2.      1101-32 = Joe Urban & J. Thompson
3.      1101-38 (Roof Repairs) = Joe Urban
4.      1101-39, 43, 44, = Gerry Davis & Joe Urban
5.      1101-45, 46 = Chris Morris & Horticultural Manager (funded position)
6.      1101-47 = Jim Teal
7.      1101-48 = J. Thompson

Current information:

         Parking signs will be installed near the Science building to improve the operation and visitation.
         This request was approved. A request for an additional sidewalk from Dickey Hall to the area near University Hall has been requested by us to the State. This will improve the travel of our wheelchair bound students. Note:  This work has begun.
         The additional items for 1101-45 and 46 Landscape/Athletics that were sent to Harrisburg have been reviewed. I have heard from the request was put forward for estimates and evaluations. I’m told we can expect everything except the bubble and the additional seating to be approved.
         The next items requested will be the additional equipment for 1101-47 Wellness Center. First we need to establish if they meet the criteria.
         We are still working on the rules and procedures for the Lincoln Bus. Recommendations will be made to Mr. Hill in a few weeks.

John Thompson

Director, Physical Plant
Residence Hall Renovations – President Nelson asked that the condition of the residence halls be reviewed for work that can be done by utilizing discretionary funds.  There are dollars available which have been designated for this purpose.  Provost Grant Venerable was asked to check into this request.
Chairman Evan’s Visit November 9, 2010  The focal points of the Chairman’s visit were discussed as were points for moving forward to meet Board expectations.
Standard 14 – The President and members of Cabinet continued discussions about the status and progress made to date in meeting Standard 14. 
Lincoln Alum nominated to lead SJU; veteran judge would be first black chief justice – Veteran Associate Justice Roderick L. Ireland ’66, has been nominated to lead the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.  If appointed, Justice Ireland would the first black chief justice of the state’s highest court.
Campus Incidents Report – The Campus Incidents report for the period covering the Homecoming Weekend, showed a total of 19 incidents for the week.  President Nelson commended our students for their conduct during this time when many activities were scheduled and many visitors were on the campus.
Holocaust Memorial Museum – President Nelson shared a leter from the Holocaust memorial Mesium in which they invited Lincoln University to participate in the HBCU initiative.  Provost Grant Venerable was asked to follow up with the Museum.

Student Financial Clearance - Vice President Merlin indicated that he expects to send out a littler less than 200 letters to students who have not met the University’s financial clearance threshold.  The letter will be mailed after final exams, allowing all students to receive credit for the full semester.  Those students not meeting the threshold, however, will not be permitted to register for spring classes unless the acceptable level has been achieved. 
Purchase Cards – Vice President Merlin was authorized to conduct a pilot test of the use of Purchase Cards by employees for their University related travel expenses.  VP Merlin has already reached an agreement with the Athletic Director to conduct the pilot test with the Athletics staff.  Management of the “Purchase Card” will be housed in the Fiscal office.  If the pilot test proves successful, additional cards/departments will be phased in.
Credit Card Authorization – A new “Credit Card Authorization Sign-off Form” was also approved for implementation.  The authorization permits the University to make any and all deductions from an employee’s paycheck as necessary to reimburse the University for any credit card transaction for which proper receipts are not submitted.  All employees travelling on Lincoln University business or using a University issued credit card will be required to sign the Authorization Form.
Spring Enrollment – EVP Hill informed the Cabinet that the suggestion has been made to expand the Bridge Program for the spring 2010 semester.  Those students admitted to the Bridge Program would be required to enroll in Success Courses.  Additionally, if the numbers are substantial, as some believe they would be, the program would be offered on the campus rather than at 3020 Market Street. 
Currently, the undergraduate enrollment for the spring semester is below budgeted levels.
There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 4:40 p.m.

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