President's Cabinet Meeting

November 8, 1999

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Ms. Veronica Cohen, Mr. John Willis, Mr. Antar Makansi, Dr. Thomas Dickey, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Mr. John Willis presented the Cabinet with an update on matters related to the maintenance capital budget, Hurricane Floyd water damage, Labor & Industry issues, DEP/EPA issues and the International Cultural Center.  He reported that the job for removal of contaminated soil has been awarded and will begin shortly.  A hearing with L&I will be held on December 14 or 15 to evaluate the University's progress in addressing violations cited by the Department.  L&I will visit the campus the week before the hearing.  There is still much concern over the amount of student vandalism in the dorms, which leads to citations from L&I.  Much of the water and mud damage from Hurricane Floyd has been cleared.  Ceiling leaks are in the process of being bid.  Mr. Willis was asked to check on a temporary remedy to provide campus lighting in areas until the lighting can be repaired.  He indicated that the problem in the area of the LLC is that the contractors, when constructing the building, had cut underground wires and these wires would have to be repaired.

Mr. Antar Makansi gave an update on the status of redesigning the University's Web page.  The firm of Nazca will be hired to assist in the initial design and lay out of the web page.  It was agreed that one design must be developed for the main campus and the Urban Center.  The committee should set the standards concerning the look of the page.  Vice President McCusker indicated that Ms. Lynn Scott should be involved in the bidding and RFP process.  The issue of whether the maintenance of the web page will be assigned to an off-campus vendor or handled by someone on-site is still under consideration.

Coordinated Program for Financial Aid, Recruitment, Admissions, and Returning Students - Dr. Thomas Dickey was asked to continue looking into this concept - how it works on other campuses, advantages and disadvantages.  Further information will be forwarded to the Cabinet as soon as it is available.

Vice President for Academic Affairs - The following letter was received from Vice President Richard C. Winchester.

Dear Dr. Nelson:

Please accept this letter as official notification of my decision to retire from my positions as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History at Lincoln University on June 1, 2000.  After serious consideration, I have decided to leave the University to pursue personal and professional interests for which my current schedule does not permit sufficient time.

After 39 years of service to Lincoln University as a member of both the faculty and the administration, I am optimistic about Lincoln's future under your leadership.  Convinced that you are moving in the right direction, I wish you well in the years ahead.

       Richard C. Winchester
       Vice President for Academic Affairs
       Professor of History

Concern expressed regarding graduate programs - Vice President Winchester will look into the issues raised in a letter received from a graduate program student.

Department of the Army - President Nelson, Vice President Winchester and Dr. Thomas Dickey, Registrar, are scheduled to meet with representatives of the Army ROTC program, Thursday, November 11, 1999 at Lincoln University.

Middlebury College cooperative agreement with HBCUs - Middlebury College will be offering up to 15 scholarships for students from HBCUs (Lincoln University being one of the six HBCUs involved) for their Language Schools in 2000.  Dr. Joy Carew is the campus liaison for this program.

Academic Affairs
Tuition Remission - Vice President Winchester highlighted for the Cabinet the disparities in the tuition remission benefits among the different employee classifications.  It is his opinion that this benefit should be administered uniformly among all employees.  He was asked to bring back to the Cabinet a suggested revised benefit outline that will be adopted as policy once agreed upon.

Fiscal Affairs
Hiring Practices - President Nelson informed the Cabinet that all additions to payroll must be submitted through Human Resources.  Persons will not be added to the payroll unless the University is in receipt of proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.  A communication concerning hiring processes will be sent to the faculty by Vice President Winchester.

Sweat Shop Labor - Vice President McCusker will include language stating that Lincoln's policy is not to use sweatshop labor in contracts with future bookstore vendors.

Graduate Programs - Dr. Thomas Dickey was asked to send a letter to graduate faculty listing the names of graduate students who have not paid and indicating that these students will not receive a grade.

The Registrar must be in charge of the official publication of graduate courses.  Vice President Winchester will meet with Dr. O'Daniel, Dr. Ramdas, and Dr. Thomas regarding the scheduling of graduate classes.

Special Technology Request - President Nelson informed the Cabinet that a special technology request in the amount of $1.5 million will be submitted to Harrisburg. The University's government lobbyist, who suggested that the University make such a request, will submit the request to the Governor on behalf of the University.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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