President’s Cabinet Meeting
November 7, 2005
9:00 a.m.


Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President William B. Bynum, Vice President Michael Hill, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas for Vice President Grant D. Venerable, and Ms. Diane M. Brown.

October 31, 2005 Cabinet meeting minutes were approved.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The sixth annual benchmark report of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) was released on November 7, 2005.  The survey comparisons indicate that the level of engagement of Lincoln University students from their first-year to senior-year experiences increased by a greater percentage than that of its peer group institutions and of those institutions with benchmarks in the top 50% nationally and high-performing institutions with benchmarks in the top 10% nationally.

The NSSE survey and report focus on five clusters or benchmarks of effective educational practice created by NSSE. The five areas include: (1) Level of academic challenge, (2) Active and collaborative learning, (3) Student-faculty interaction, (4) Enriching educational experiences, and (5) Supportive campus environment.  Approximately 225,000 randomly selected students from 518 institutions participated in NSSE 2005.

Development and External Relations
Vice President Hill gave an update on the Graduate Center and the Honors Convocation.  He also informed the Cabinet that the University “Fact Book” has been completed.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Vice President Bynum reported that the “Fall 2005 Student Profile” has been completed.  

The fall 2005 incoming class set the following enrollment records:
·    Largest total new student class in University history (923: 708 undergrad, 215 grad); previous high 785 in 1997
·    Largest new undergraduate class in University history (708: 636 freshmen, 43 transfers and 35 readmits); previous high 611 in 1996
·    Largest freshmen class in University history (636); previous high 575 in 1996
·    Largest overall student body in University history (2,278: 1,714 undergrad, 564 graduate); previous high 2,084 in 1998
·    Largest undergraduate student body in University history (1,714); previous high 1,541 in 1998
·    Largest graduate student body in University history (564); previous high 554 in 1999

Congratulations are due to the Admissions staff for their recruitment efforts in bringing in this record setting class.  

Congratulations are also due to the Lincoln University Soccer team for earning a spot in the Association of Division III Independents Northeast Region Men’s Soccer Championship.  The Lions entered the tournament as the top seed, but exited without a victory.

Academic Affairs
Vice President Venerable reported that the PDE Report had been submitted by the deadline.  The next step in the review process will take place in March 2006.

There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President
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