President's Cabinet Meeting

October 25, 1999

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard Winchester, Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks, Vice President Edward McCusker, Mr. John Willis, Ms. Diane Brown

Mr. John Willis reported on the status of the following projects in the Physical Plant area.
 - A response will be filed to the Department of Environmental Protection later this week.
 - The newspapers have reported that the US Environmental Protection Agency has filed formal complaints against the University.  However, that correspondence had not yet been received by any of the administrative officers at the University.
 - Several buildings on campus had been damaged by Hurricane Floyd.  Mr. Willis was asked to check with Harrisburg to see if L.U. is eligible for relief funds.
 - A request has been filed with the Department of L&I seeking an extension of time within which to comply with violations noted in their report.  Several of the code violations are the result of vandalism. $450 had been spent in recent weeks to recharge fire extinguishers and 15 doors had to be repaired/replaced.  The Student Life division was asked to put program in place to curb vandalism so systems repaired by Physical Plant remain in working order.

Physical Facilities - D+DG has submitted a proposal to build and manage certain facilities on University Land.  The Cabinet members agreed that the University would only have an interest in dormitory housing at this time.  President Nelson will check with Prairie View to see how this arrangement on their campus was handled and is working out.

Vice President Fairbanks reported that the Universityís federal contact in Washington recommended that Lincoln approach the State Historical Society for funding the preservation of historic campus buildings before going to the federal sources.  Keystone Historic Preservation Grant Program will be contacted.

International Cultural Center - It is the understanding of Vice President McCusker that Lincoln has to satisfy Harrisburg that we have the $2.7 million in place before the State will release their funds for construction of the ICC.  Mr. Fairbanks will get clarification on this.  The sign along Baltimore Pike indicating the future site of the ICC will be taken down for now until a determination is made regarding the site for the building.  A press release will be issued and Vice President Fairbanks will include a piece in the next Lion.Academic Programs

WPE - The results of the WPE given on September 28, 199 were as follows:
84 Conditional passes  41.17%  (A conditional pass becomes a full Pass if the student completes three passing essays in the WPE Lab by Friday, Nov. 19, 1999.  Failure to complete the three passing essays results in the Conditional Pass becoming a Fail.)
54 Fails    26.47%
66 Passes    32.35%
The Cabinet wishes to thank those persons who participate on a volunteer basis in this program.

L.U./Barnes Collaborative Program - After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that Vice President Winchester will follow up with Professor Chapp and Dr. Kenneth Sadler regarding the next steps to take (if any) in the Lincoln University/Barnes Foundation Collaborative.  Vice President Winchester expressed that there is a need to address the current deficiencies in Lincolnís art program on campus before moving forward with the Collaborative effort.

Gourmet Services, Inc. - Vice President Hence will authorize Gourmet Services to provide each dormitory with a continuing supply of paper plates, paper cups and plasticware.  This will be done at the expense of GSI.

A request has been made to use space in the SUB for the art department.  Vice President Winchester will consult with Student Activities on this matter.

Vice President Hence presented a draft plan for ensuring that the Boardís resolution re payment of student accounts is adhered to.  It was agreed that students will not be permitted to register in January if they owe a balance on the previous semesterís bill.  A revised plan incorporating suggested changes will be brought back to the Cabinet.

Other items on the agenda for October 25, 1999 were distributed for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President