President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes

October 18, 1999, 9:00 a.m.

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard Winchester, Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks, Vice President Edward McCusker, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Ms. Diane Brown

Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones informed the Cabinet that the University is engaging the services of an Employee Assistance Program to out-source help with counseling in different areas for employees of the University.  The program contains provisions for  two training sessions per year for directors and supervisors and counseling in finances, family relationships, and mental health, in addition to other areas for all employees.  This benefit will be provided at a cost of $9,000/year to the University.  November 1, 1999 is the target enrollment date.

Ms. Facey-Jones also informed the group that Human Resources would be providing information to each of them for use in determining the raises for administrative employees.  The Board authorized a 3% salary increase for administrative employees at the September meeting.  The increases are effective September 1, 1999.  The 3% is not across the board and each vice president will determine the raises for employees in their area within the 3% allotment.

President Nelson reminded the vice presidents that their reports for the November Board of Trustees meeting are due in the Board office by November 1st.  This is the deadline that the Chairwoman of the Board has set for submission of material by Board committees as well.

Booz, Allen Hamilton, Inc. - President Nelson shared information gathered by the consultant firm.  The data indicated that faculty, staff and alumni perception of Lincoln is not necessarily the perception held by those on the outside.

International Cultural Center - President Nelson reported that he had met with Mr. Don Orner, Lower Oxford Township Code Enforcement Officer, regarding the ICC and the University s plans to complete this project.  Mr. Orner indicated that Lower Oxford Township would support the University s plan to locate the ICC on the south side of Baltimore Pike rather than across the road.  The Township is still holding funds in escrow for the University.  Lincoln must reapply for land development plans and submit the plans to the Township.

Parking on Campus - Mr. John Willis is to perform a check of current campus lighting and identify problem areas.  This evaluation and repair of problems must be completed by Friday, October 22, 1999.

Seligsohn Hess - President Nelson has received communications from this firm regarding their interest in serving as the University s agent for leasing space at 3020 Market Street.  Vice President McCusker will contact the firm to discuss the University s position concerning the unleased space to see if they would still have an interest.


The Lincoln Lion - The Cabinet discussed ways in which this publication might be used to better inform the alumni population and others of University news and matters of importance.  The next issue will be expanded to include other University news and information in addition to alumni news.

LU, Private or Public? - Vice President McCusker brought to the attention of the Cabinet that, depending on who is filling out forms, both of these categories are being used on forms being submitted to various organizations and agencies.  It was decided that a determination must be made concerning Lincoln s official status in this regard.  Vice President McCusker will inquire with the University s counsel and Vice President Fairbanks will inquire with our lobbyists to see if an official determination can be made.  A letter will be sent to the campus community informing them of the findings so that the University is always categorized the same on all documents.

Insurance programs - Board member Donn Scott has made the University aware of an insurance company in Philadelphia who will review the University s insurance programs at no cost to the University.  Vice President McCusker will be in touch with the company to further inquire about this offer.

Vice President McCusker indicated that the high dive at the University swimming pool will be dismantled for insurance reasons.

Vice President Winchester indicated that Dr. Leland Smucker, the University s Safety Officer, has been consulted regarding the DEP issue relative to radioactive sources.  Dr. Smucker has assured him that an inventory of material will be done within the next four weeks.

It was brought up that there had been some discussion as to where the Homecoming after party would be held.  Coach Jones had expressed concern about holding this event in the main gym and had asked that it be moved to another location on campus.  Vice President McCusker was asked to see if there was an engineer s report on the gym floor capacity.  If the report indicated there was no safety hazard, the after party would remain in the gym.

Other items on the agenda for October 18, 1999 were distributed for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President


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