President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 18, 2006

9:30 a.m.


Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President William B. Bynum, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President Grant D. Venerable, Dean John O. Chikwem, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas, Dean Gladys J. Willis, Dr. Renford A.B. Brevett and Ms. Diane M. Brown.


Draft Cabinet minutes of October 10, 2006 were approved.

Pennsylvania Department of Education Grant

President Nelson has been successful in securing a one-time $2 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The grant was made possible in large part due to key roles played by Representative Dwight Evans and Senator Dominic Pileggi.  The $2 million received under this one-time grant must be spent by June 30, 2007.  Lincoln University will utilized this funding to enhance all areas of campus life including mass communications, art, business, teacher education, biotechnology, retention and technology. 

New Lincoln University Signage

The University has plans to place a new wireless–access electronic billboard along Baltimore Pike.  The sign will enable Lincoln to publicize upcoming events and will project a new enhanced campus image.  Possible vendors for this project have been contacted.

Baltimore Pike Safety Issue

The PA Department of Transportation is in the process of completing a “roundabout feasibility study” to accommodate the request of Lower Oxford Township in an effort to address the safety issue on Baltimore Pike at the main entrance to the campus.  The DOT has indicated that it will also conduct a traffic signal warrant analysis in response to the University’s request.

New Policy: Research Misconduct

Cabinet approved the draft “Policies and Procedures on Research Misconduct” submitted by Vice President Venerable.

Academic Affairs

Vice President Venerable introduced the idea of establishing a faculty lounge on the campus where faculty could go to relax as well as socialize.  A funding source must be identified prior to taking any action on this matter.

Dean Thomas submitted a list of Lincoln University Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) students admitted into Law and Graduate Schools.  Also submitted was a list of Political Science and International Relations students who have been admitted into Law Schools.  Dating back to 2002, the list included a total of 26 Lincoln University graduates.

Dean Chikwem reported on the success of the recent science fair.

Fiscal Affairs

Vice President Merlin has scheduled a meeting with the various campus union representatives to discuss the University’s health care benefits.

Development and External Relations

Vice President Hill provided updates on the draft Memorandum of Understanding with River States University of Science and Technology, the Graduate Center Master Lease and the October 17, 2006 AMP meeting at which he represented President Nelson.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Vice President Bynum informed the Cabinet that the RFP had been issued for instruments for a 150-piece band.  Potential contractors will be interviewed prior to the awarding of a contract.  The RFP for band uniforms will be issued in the near future.

Operation Get Tested will be held on campus October 19, 2006 to promote student testing for HIV and AIDS.  Media coverage of the event is expected. 

The few remaining students who have not been able to make sufficient arrangements for financial clearance will be administratively withdrawn as of Friday, October 20, 2006. 

Fall 2006 Enrollment Statistics as of October 17, 2006

# Undergraduates enrolled Fall 2006 …………………..    1,859

# Undergraduates enrolled Fall 2005 …………………..    1,686

# Graduates enrolled Fall 2006 ………………………..       563

# Graduates enrolled Fall 2005 ………………………..    .. 555

There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 12:30 p.m.

Diane M. Brown

Assistant to the President

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