President's Cabinet Meeting

October 11, 1999, 9:00 a.m.

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard Winchester, Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks, Vice President Edward McCusker

President Nelson opened the meeting by distributing a Memorandum regarding preparation for the November 20, 1999 meeting of the Board of Trustees.  Each Vice President was asked to prepare written reports for discussion at relevant committee meetings and presentation to the full Board.  They were also asked to consult the appropriate committee chairs to establish meeting times and determine agendas for the meetings.  Reports are to be submitted to the Board Office by November 1, 1999 for inclusion in the Board meeting packet.

President Nelson also distributed a Memorandum concerning the establishment of an  Employee Recognition Program.   Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Ms. Debby Clary, and Mr. Joe Pierce have been asked to comprise a committee to establish the process and criteria for nomination of persons to receive this award.  A proposal for implementation is to be submitted to the President s Cabinet by January 2000.

Policy on Emergency Sickness of Students - Vice President Hence was asked to work with the Director of Human Resources and the campus Nurse to make revisions to this policy and bring the revised policy back to the Cabinet for review.  The revised version should stipulate the different procedures for transporting for accidents and illness and contacting 911 in emergencies.

Ms. Facey-Jones is to look at a similar policy for faculty and staff.

Department of Environmental Protection (Department) - Mr. John Willis gave a report on the University s response to several outstanding environmental issues which the University has been addressing with the Department.  The subject areas are air quality, waste management, underground storage tanks, water management, and radiation sources.  Mr. Willis, Vice President McCusker, Dr. Nelson and the University s counsel were scheduled to meet with the DEP on Tuesday, October 12, 1999.

African Art Collection - Dr. Nelson had received a memo from Dr. Donald Ford regarding steps that should be taken to ensure the proper maintenance of the collection.  Vice President Winchester indicated that a consultant had recently come in to provide some advice in this area.  The University is waiting on the consultant s report before taking any further action in this matter.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education Mission Statement - The Cabinet agreed that Dr. Nelson should approve the proposed mission statement received by the Commission.

The Tuition Exchange, Inc. - After some discussion, it was decided that L.U. will not pursue membership in this partnership of colleges and universities offering exchange scholarships for family members of faculty and staff.  The current roster of members included mostly private institutions and it was felt that Lincoln would not benefit from membership in such a partnership.

Strategic Planning - The first meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee will be held on Tuesday, October 19, 1999.  Members of the Committee: Dr. Ivory V. Nelson, Chair; Ms. Regina L. Warren and Dr. Kenneth M. Sadler (Trustees); Drs. Levi Nwachuku, Abdulalim Shabazz and Gladys Willis (Faculty); Mr. Andre Nobel and Ms. Saniyyah Carter (Students); Dr. Ayo M. Sanyika and Mr. Herschel Bailey (Administration); Mr. Joseph F. Pierce (Maintenance Union); Ms. Kathleen L. Madron (Secretarial Union); Dr. William Bennett  50 and Mr. William H. Rivers, Jr.  57 (Alumni)


Vice President Fairbanks informed the group of an anonymous planned gift from an alum to the university in excess of $1 million dollars.

Vice President Hence was asked to look at the RFP and Committee analysis for the security contract.  This information will be sent to the University s Lobbyist for her information.

Eddy Mac loan - Vice President McCusker reported that the papers for the Eddy Mac loan had been signed but the loan proceeds had not yet been deposited in the University s account.  The financing is structured as follows: $8.1 million 30 year mortgage at an approximate 6.6% interest rate.  $7.5 million will go to pay off the bridge loan for 3020 Market Street property. The balance represents issuance fees & capitalized interest.  $5.7 million 15 year loan at an initial interest rate of approximately 6.4%. $1.5 million of this will go to Fulton Bank to reduce the University s line of credit borrowing.  The remainder after fees & capitalized interest will go to 1999-2000 capital projects.  The University has a year to accomplish these projects and draw down the balance of the loan.

Capital Projects funded by Harrisburg - Vice President McCusker reported that three L.U. capital projects had been authorized by Harrisburg for which the University is still awaiting the funds. These projects are (1) Campus Security System funds in the amount of $1,250,000 should be received in 4-6 weeks; (2) Storm water drainage system in the amount of $1,084,000 also should be received in 4-6 weeks; and (3) Boiler and Steam Distribution System in the amount of $4,200,000.  This last project was included in recent legislation that was passed; we are following up on the status of the funding.

Vice President Hence was asked to find out exactly what the Campus Security System entailed.

NOTE: Beginning October 11, 1999, and every other week thereafter, the Director of Physical Plant will present to the President s Cabinet, an update on capital projects, Labor and Industry matters, Dept. of Environmental Protection issues and the ICC.

L.U. Trade Marks - Vice President Hence was asked to look into registering all of the University s trade marks.  Once this is done we will look into receiving commissions for the use of these in marketing.

National Student Government Association Summit - Vice President Hence informed the Cabinet that the National Student Government Association will hold its Summit on Lincoln s campus in March 2000.  Mr. Lewis Thomas, President of Lincoln s SGA, was recently elected President of the National organization.

Other items on the agenda for October 11, 1999 were distributed for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President


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