President's Cabinet Meeting
October 4, 1999

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard Winchester (joined meeting at 10:30), Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks, Mr. Nicholas Chaban, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones

Presentation by Dr. Omar Bagasra - Dr. Bagasra presented an outline of a proposal with a goal of raising a $50 million endowment fund for the International Cultural Center (ICC).  His plan involves reaching 10 wealthy donor countries.  Vice President Fairbanks and Dr. Bagasra were
asked to draft a marketing piece that could be used to market this idea as well as generate other interest in the ICC.

Policies - Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones submitted the policies on 'Outside Employment' and 'Employment Categories' for review/adoption.  The policy on Outside Employment was adopted and will go into effect immediately.  The policy states that employees may hold outside jobs as long as they meet the performance standards of their job with Lincoln.  Outside employment that constitutes a conflict of interest is prohibited.  Administrative personnel at the director level or above shall not be compensated for extra University responsibility outside of their assigned office.  Administrative personnel below the level of Director may work for compensation outside of the normal work hours providing the arrangements do not interfere with their normal workload and approval is received from their supervisor and the appropriate vice president.

The vice presidents were asked to review the policy on Employment Categories and submit their comments to Ms. Facey-Jones.  It was noted that faculty categories should be included as part of this policy.

The administrative time sheet will be revised to include five weeks of reporting instead of four weeks.  All administrative personnel are required to submit the administrative time sheet.  Vice Presidents are to submit their vacation requests through the Assistant to the President.

The student immunization policy will be enforced immediately.  Students will be given until October 29, 1999 to comply.  Students failing to comply will be asked to leave campus.

Parking on Campus - Mr. John Willis has informed the President that additional parking space is available throughout the week at Manuel Rivero Hall, Mary Dod Brown Memorial Chapel, John Miller Dicky Hall and at the Greenhouse (between Dickey Hall and the Physical Plant).  These spaces are to be utilized as illegally parked cars will be towed.

Strategic Planning  - The assumptions received from Mr. McCusker and Dr. Carew, as well as the memo submitted by Vice President Hence at the meeting, will be included in the notebooks being assembled for the Planning Committee.  Any additional assumptions received will also be included for reference by the Strategic Planning Committee.

Lincoln University Urban Center - Dr. Richard Daniel's draft report on the Urban Center was shared with the cabinet members.  The report included major accomplishments for the 1998-99 academic year.

The list of accomplishments includes: approval of four new MED Teacher Certification concentrations in Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry; completion of five major proposals for funding, including a funded grant for a Minority Engineering and Science Improvement Program; receipt of an IRS funded grant for a Low-Income Tax Clinic; funding (pending) from the State for a Biotechnology Tech Prep Academy; submission of a  request to PECO for matching funds for the newly established graduate Applied Research and Development Fellowships; establishment of a Business, Education, Industry, and Government (BEIG) Partnership Program; resident Charter School that provides a major source of income; and funded grant programs to acquire new computers.

Other initiatives include developing a six million-dollar grant to establish a consortium HBCU Cancer Research Institute, identifying other funding opportunities for matching funds and preparing several new grant applications, including a two million dollar grant to the Department of Labor for a Health Technician and Professions Training Program.  Areas identified for growth and development over the next three years include academic resources and programs, facilities and grounds, development of grants and proposals, staff development, equipment and materials, and student recruitment and retention.

International Cultural Center  - Mr. Chaban was asked to discuss with Mr. John Willis whether the campus site plan will allow for the construction of the ICC on the campus side of Baltimore Pike rather than across the street.  Vice President Fairbanks was given the task of determining what types of things will be able to be included in the ICC at this time, given the rate of inflation.  The University is committed to an auditorium and those things that have been committed through the campaign to raise funds for the project.  The report should include what can be done, what needs to be done and a clear process for moving forward.

Technology  - The cabinet discussed the idea of possibly providing laptops for all incoming freshmen.  The cost for such a project would most likely have to be added to tuition.  Mr. Nick Chaban was asked to look into what other schools are doing and how they cover the cost.

Grenadian Scholarships - Vice President Fairbanks will follow up with Professor Millette regarding this matter.  At the present time, L.U. does not have funds to provide additional scholarships.  All students will be considered by Admissions for the scholarship funds presently available.

U.S. Dept. Of Education - L.U. FY 1997 Cohort Default Rate - The University received a letter notifying it of the FY 1997 cohort default rate on loans made to students for attendance at Lincoln under the Federal Family Education Loan Program.  The report stated that for the period referenced, L.U. has 93 borrowers in default and 552 borrowers in repayment.  The FY 1997 Cohort Default Rate for the period is 16.8.  The administration will write letters to all students who owe the University money to make certain they clear up past debts so they can be cleared next semester.


Space Management  - Each vice president was asked to identify where their staff is located and identify vacant space in their areas.  This information is to be provided on a disk so that the information can be compiled into one report.  This is the first step in identifying a process for assigning office space throughout the campus.

Management Teams for Bargaining  - The resolutions submitted by Mr. McCusker were approved and will be presented to the Business Affairs Committee of the Board for adoption in November.  These resolutions assign the administrative teams responsible for entering into negotiations with the Secretarial and Faculty unions.

Vice President Fairbanks shared with the group a draft schedule of the President's Inauguration and Founder's Day.  It was suggested that the Inaugural Ceremony be held at 1:30 p.m. and the Inaugural Colloquium at 4:00 p.m.  This change will be made in the schedule.

Condensed versions of operating and capital budget requests - Vice President Fairbanks wasasked to get the condensed operating and capital budget requests out to the campus.  They should also be put on the WEB page.  These two documents will be part of the official University information packet that will be distributed to members of the Board of Trustees at the November meeting.  The packet is to be used by everyone representing the University to other organizations.

Bookstore RFP  - The RFP for the Bookstore is to include allowance for a faculty package of curriculum that can be copied by faculty.  It should also include a provision for an extra copy of each textbook to be housed in the LHML.

Access to campus buildings - The issue of access or lack thereof to campus facilities was discussed.  A master key system is in the discussion stages.  Until this system is in place, Mr. Willis is to provide a place where keys to all buildings and offices are securely housed and labeled.  Security will have access to these keys to allow entry to buildings for faculty and in the case of emergency.

Administrative Representatives for the Strategic Planning Committee - The vice presidents submitted the names of Dr. Ayo M. Sanyika and Mr. Herschel Bailey as the two administrative representatives to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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