President’s Cabinet Meeting
October 4, 2011
9:00 A.M.
Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs Howard E. Merlin, Dean Thelma Ross for Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Dean John O. Chikwem, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas, Diane M. Brown
Minutes of the September 27, 2011 Cabinet Meeting were accepted with revision.
The Pennsylvania Senate Appropriations Committee – Faculty and student participants for the panel to testify before the Committee were discussed.  Dean Thomas was asked to contact the students to ascertain their availability.  .  Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to attend this important public forum.
Langston Hughes Memorial Library – Move in day for the library staff is scheduled for October 5, 2011. 
Lincoln University proposed Football Schedule for 2012 and 2013 – Dean Ross will solicit input from the division of Student Life prior to coming to a final decision relative to the date for the 2012 Homecoming.
Campus Electrical Use – The Department of General Services (DGS) has approved the use of $5,000,000 from future landscaping projects to address Lincoln University’s increased electrical needs realized by the vast expansion of university facilities in the recent past.
U.S. Department of Education new regulation – A new regulation “requiring institutions that participate in the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV-eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation” became effective July 1, 2011. Dean Ross informed the group that, Lincoln University does not fall into the category of those required to report this information.
VP Merlin indicated that 125 or more new spring admits will be needed in order to meet the budget.  Dean Ross assured the Cabinet that the admissions staff will certainly strive to achieve this goal, but stressed that achievement will be difficult. 
Science Fair – Dean Chikwem informed the group that the Science Fair will be held Saturday, October 22, 2011.  Dr. Chikwem is considering moving the Fair to the ICC due to the large number of student participants expected this year.
NCATE Accreditation – President Nelson asked Dean Thomas to provide a written status report on Lincoln University’s progress in the NCATE accreditation process.
2012 Summer Bridge – Dean Ross requested and was granted authorization to begin admitting students to the 2012 Summer Bridge program.  Consideration for admittance may be given to students not meeting both GPA and SAT requirements if evaluation warrants.  This may result in a greater number of participants in the program and, therefore, necessitate additional funding dollars.
There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

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