President's Cabinet Meeting
October 4, 2004
9:00 a.m.

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President William B. Bynum, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas and Ms. Diane M. Brown.  (Mr. George Buchanan attended for a portion of the meeting.)

Minutes of September 27, 2004 Cabinet meeting were approved.

Legal Briefing
Mr. George Buchanan, University Counsel, briefed the Cabinet on current legal matters facing the University.  Mr. Buchanan stressed that, in his experience, it is best to consult with counsel first if there is any question regarding a contract or about the possible consequences of any action to be taken.  Engaging counsel at the outset can help to ward off possible problems later.

Definition of Full-time and Part-time employment
For the purpose of Lincoln University, the following definitions of full-time and part-time employment apply:

 Administration, secretarial, housekeeping, maintenance:
      1950 annual hours and above = 1.0 FTE
        975 annual hours = 0.50 FTE (Halftime)
        976-1949 annual hours = appropriate fractional amount
      12 credit hours = 1.0 FTE

The Office of Human Resources has been asked to review public standards and labor law regarding when a new employee becomes eligible to receive benefits.  Based on the findings, the current University practice will be reviewed by Cabinet to determine whether changes are necessary.

Capital Projects
The following table shows the original completion date and forecast completion date for the projects listed, as established by Heery International, the project manager.
 Project                                                     Original Completion         Forecast Completion         Days Over/(Under)
1 Fire Alarm & security System Upgrade            4/20/2004*                         10/1/04                             118
2 Storm Water Drainage System                         11/2/2003                           11/4/04                             216
3 Steam Boiler Replacement Phase I                 12/27/2003                         10/28/04                             218
4 Communications and Electrical Distribution       4/15/2004                           8/30/04                               97
5 Sewer Line Replacement                                10/28/2003*                           9/3/04                             220
6 Water Distribution System Upgrade                  4/23/2004*                       10/28/04                             143
7 Water Distribution System Upgrade (Electrical    4/5/2004*                       10/28/04                             206
*Revised Completion Date

The scheduled contract completion date and forecast completion date for the Upgrade/Replacement of Sewage Treatment Plant are listed in the following table.

 Project                             Original Completion         Forecast Completion             Days Over/"Under
1 General Construction               3/29/05                             4/7/05                                         7
2 HVAC Construction                3/29/05                             4/7/05                                         7
3 Plumbing Construction             3/29/05                             4/7/05                                         7
4 Electrical Construction             3/29/05                             4/7/05                                         7

During the period December 2003-January 2004, 101 new computers were installed in the student computer labs on the Lincoln University campus.  The University is expecting the delivery of 30 additional computers within the next two weeks, which will be installed in a new 24-hour access student computer lab in the Living-Learning Center.

An additional 106 new computers have been delivered and are currently being installed at the Lincoln University Center for Graduate and Continuing Education in Philadelphia.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
The Division is taking steps to ensure that our undergraduate students are given every opportunity to financially clear and remain at the University.  It will be necessary to administratively withdraw some students due to their inability to attain an established level of financial clearance.  Those unable to meet the criteria will be asked to vacate their living space and cease attending classes.  Those students will be notified next week.

There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:30 a.m.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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