President’s Cabinet Meeting
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
9:00 a.m.
ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Jerryl Briggs, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President Grant D. Venerable, Dean Gladys J. Willis, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas, Ms. Diane M. Brown. 
Cabinet minutes of September 22, 2009, were approved.
University Policies – The “Code of Conduct Enforcement” policy was approved by the members of Cabinet.  Revisions that must be made to the “Human Resources Management” and “Employment and Hiring” policies were discussed.
Portfolio fee – The additional dollars needed to support the student portfolio fee proposed by Dean Willis will be accommodated in the budget.  Students will not be assessed an additional fee for this requirement.  Steps will be taken to reimburse students who had already purchased a portfolio this year. Vice President Merlin was asked to look into how best to implement the entire process.
Recruitment and Retention Efforts
Lincoln University Scholarship dollars – Unused scholarship dollars will be used to provide Lincoln University grants to students needing financial assistance.  The Director of Financial Aid will handle distribution of the funds.  These dollars combined with dollars from the President’s budget will provide approximately $290,000 in grant assistance for students needing financial assistance over the next two semesters.
Declaration of majors - The division of Academic Affairs was asked to identify all students with their major.
Admissions – Deans are to work with the admissions office to identify and recruit national and international students who are eligible to receive scholarship dollars.
Academic programs – The Deans were instructed to review the programs in their schools to identify non-productive programs, update relevant programs and create new programs.
Summer Bridge Program – President Nelson charged the Deans, VP Academic Affairs, VP Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and Director of Financial Aid to prepare a Summer Bridge Program description and plan for implementation.  A January 2010 deadline was established for submission of the Program description and implementation plan.
Art Program – Dean Willis was charged with recruiting 15 freshmen for the Art program for fall 2010.  Plans are to be implemented for two classes to be taught at The Barnes Foundation each semester and to recruit two well known visiting art instructors for the program.
Business Center of Excellence – The business program is to be revamped to reflect emphasis on entrepreneurship, finance and accounting.  We will also take steps to accommodate a visiting professor for a year.
Science – Every effort should be made to admit 15-20 students on academic scholarship in the sciences.  In addition, the dean was charged with having a nursing program approved by fall 2010.
LEAPS Program – Outside funding for the LEAPS Program will no longer be available to the University.  We will look for funds to continue the tutorial aspect of the LEAPS program as these services provided critical assistance for the students.
President Nelson charged the Deans and Vice Presidents with discussing the University’s retention, recruitment and graduation goals with faculty and staff.  The involvement of everyone is critical to our success in meeting the goals established in these areas.
President Nelson charged the Vice Presidents with reviewing the monthly overtime reports to ensure that their divisions are operating as efficiently as possible.  Overtime is to be delegated judiciously and not treated as an entitlement.
Congratulations to Miss Lincoln, Christen Mobley, who placed as 2nd Runner Up in the recent HBCU Queen Pageant.  This is the highest finish for a Miss Lincoln contestant in the history of our participation.
Discussions have been held regarding the foot traffic at the science building.  A proposed resolution will be presented next week.
Student body headcount (As of 09.25.09)
                   Undergraduate:              2,036
                   Graduate:                         610
                             Total                   2,646
There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.

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