President's Cabinet Meeting

September 27, 1999

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Edward McCusker, Vice President Richard
Winchester, Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks

Policy on Emergency Closings - Vice President Hence was asked to communicate to Human Resources several revisions that need to be made to this policy before it can be adopted.

PA State statutes - Copies of State statutes on hazing were distributed to the Cabinet members for their information.  Vice President Winchester was asked to ascertain whether the University is in compliance with the State's Eye Protective Devices statute, particularly as it pertains to our labs.  Vice President Hence was asked to ascertain whether the University is in compliance with the State's Drug and Alcohol statutes.

Cohort Default Rate  - A report given to Dr. Nelson indicated that the University's default rates might be high.  Vice President Hence was asked to verify Lincoln's default rates.

Collaboration with Unity College of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Dr. Nelson has received a Memorandum of Understanding between Lincoln University and Unity College of Addis Ababa.  The memorandum says that we discussed future possibilities between our respective institutions, and we agree to continue to explore these opportunities.  Dr. Nelson will sign this document and forward for further processing.
United Way of Oxford - Dr. Nelson has been asked to send a letter to the University Community asking that they support this effort again this year.  The letter will be sent out this week.

Defense Intelligence Agency  - The DIA is committed to increasing the diversity of its workforce and developing relationships with historically Black colleges and universities, minority institutions, and other institutions of higher education.  Vice President Fairbanks has represented the University at previous meetings and will follow up concerning the October 28, 1999 meeting.



Travel Policy - A revised travel policy was discussed.  However, several changes still need to be made before adoption and distribution.  It was agreed, however, that mileage will be reimbursed only using the employee's primary place of work as the determining departure point.  Mileage
will not be reimbursed from the employee's home.

 - Effective 9//27/99, purchase requisitions, requests for overtime authorization, travel authorizations and tuition remission forms will not require approval by the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs.  The signature of the Vice President in the represented division will constitute final approval.  Check requests will continue to require approval by the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs.  Travel authorizations must still be forwarded to Fiscal Affairs so that tickets can be ordered.  Mr. McCusker will issue a Memorandum informing the University community of this policy change.

2000-01 Capital Budget - The capital budget request for 2000-01 is due in Harrisburg Friday, October 1, 1999.  The capital projects that were listed in the 1999-2000 request will be reordered to reflect the current priority status.  Communication/Electrical Distribution and the $1 million
line for science will be top priorities.  Ware Center will be moved up on the list to number 3 or 4 and new housing will be given a lower priority than in the last submission.  The library will be moved lower on the list as funds from the Eddie Mac transaction are designated for this purpose.  Vice President Fairbanks was asked to develop a proposal consisting of those buildings listed as historic buildings' for submission to HUD or another agency.


PHEAA - Vice President Hence reported that he met with representatives from PHEAA.  Lincoln has satisfied state requirements but still has several to satisfy on Federal side.  Another meetinghas been scheduled for October 22nd to develop a corrective action plan.

Student Health Insurance and Immunizations  - Vice President Hence verified that all students are required to have health insurance coverage.  If they do not provide evidence of coverage under an individual policy, they are charged a fee and placed on the University's program. The student immunization policy  will be enforced  and the school nurse is preparing a notice to students that will be distributed by October 8th informing them of the requirements.  A follow up letter will be sent to parents and students.   Students will be given four (4) weeks to comply.  Students not complying will be asked to leave campus for their safety and the safety of others.In the future, the immunization policy will be included as part of the admissions packet.  Students who do not comply will not be admitted.Dr. Hence also noted that due to the recent cases of meningitis, Lincoln is offering immunizations during the months of September and October at a cost of $55.

Student Registration  - In accordance with the guidelines previously established, Vice President Hence was instructed to remove from campus all those students who were not cleared as of this date.  This was to be done immediately.

Financial Aid  - An RFP will be issued to secure a consulting firm to assist with putting procedures in place and training staff in the financial aid office at Lincoln.

Staff News - Vice President Hence reported that Ms. Veronica Cohen's position will be changed to Executive Director of Campus Life, effective October 1, 1999.  The departments of residence life and student activities and the food service operation will fall under Ms. Cohen\'92s area of responsibility.

Clarence Holte Collection  - Vice President Fairbanks indicated that this collection of books has been donated to the University.  It is estimated that its value is from $100,000 on the low end to $1 million.  The collection must be appraised and it is estimated that the cost of the appraisal will be $5,000.  It was decided that the cost of the appraisal will be charged to library acquisitions.  Mr. McCusker indicated that the appraisal must be bid due to the estimated cost.International Cultural Center (ICC) - As of September 27, 1999, the International Cultural Center Campaign has raised approximately $590,339.  Of this amount, $379, 083 is 'in-hand,' $65,900 is secured and $145,356 in pledges.  Vice President Fairbanks was asked to look into whether the ICC would qualify for funding under HUD.  The members of the Cabinet will review the whole project to decide where the University wants to go with this (location etc.) before going back to the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors.

UNCF Funds  - Vice President Fairbanks is meeting with Math & Science faculty to explore the possibility of collaborating with Berean Institute and Cheyney to access the $1 billion donated by Bill Gates to fund minority scholarships.

Vice President Winchester reported that the Environmental Protection Agency has responded to Lincoln's report.  They have accepted the report and there will be no further action until the next scheduled review date.

Handling and Disposition of All personnel Matters  - Dr. Nelson issued a Memorandum to the Vice Presidents and Director of Human Resources requesting that before ANY action is taken regarding ANY PERSONNEL MATTER, it be cleared through the Human Resources Office before implementation of the action.

Amos Scholar  - Dr. Ernest Levister, member of the Board of Trustees, has spoken and written to Dr. Nelson concerning this program.  Vice President Winchester has been asked to look into the matter of selecting the Amos Scholar, scheduling his/her visit to campus, and reporting back to Dr. Nelson so he can respond to Dr. Levister.

Legislative Update on Lincoln University 521 Management Inc. Report
Appropriations: It is the understanding of 521 Management that sign-off for the release of funding for the campus security system occurred in August 1999.  However, the University has not received any notification that money is scheduled to be disbursed.  The Department of Education has been made aware of the seriousness of the situation and is checking on the process.

Alumni Affairs & Development:  Dr. Frank 'Tick ' Coleman and Vice President Fairbanks met
with Ms. Rosemary McAvoy to discuss a strategic legislative plan for Lincoln. Items discussed included the International Cultural Center, activating the alumni, promoting the Master's Program, staging a capitol legislative day, additional avenues of opportunity to raise money,
lobby for appropriations and special funding initiatives.  As there is some concern on the part of 521 Management regarding the ICC legislation, Mr. Fairbanks agreed to research the legislation and forward the information to 521 Management for follow-up.  521 is waiting on a 'wish list'9from the office of Development to review for possible legislative initiatives or line item requests to be lobbied simultaneously with the 2000-01 budget.

Legislative activities:  Legislative breakfast to be scheduled in late October/early November.  (November 9th has been set as the date)

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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