President's Cabinet Meeting
September 23, 2002

Attendees:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President William B. Bynum, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President Grant D. Venerable, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Minutes of the September 9, 2002 Cabinet Meeting were approved.

Capital Budget Review
(Participants in the discussion included Dr. Renford Brevett, Mr. John Thompson and Mr. Steve Carol.)
Necessary adjustments will be made to the 02-03 Capital Budget in order to accommodate projects not previously included on the priority list.  The adjustments will not affect the amount of funds allocated to capitol projects, but will determine which projects will be given highest priority or removed from the list.  Vice Presidents were asked to provide recommended changes to Vice President Merlin by Friday, September 27, 2002.

Langston Hughes Centennial Conference
The Langston Hughes Centennial Conference will commence with registration at 5:00 PM on Thursday October 17, 2002 and will conclude with a reception on the evening of Saturday, October 19, 2002.  The Conference, which will feature presentations, panel discussions, video presentations and book signings will be held on Lincoln's campus.

FY 2000 Cohort Default Rate:
Lincoln's Cohort Default Rate for FY 2000 was 11.1 - down from a Cohort Default rate of 14.1 in FY 1999.

The Cabinet meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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