President's Cabinet Meeting
September 20, 1999
9:00 a.m.

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Edward McCusker, Vice President Richard Winchester, Vice President Arnold Hence, Ms. Maria Adams Pearson

The following resolutions were adopted at the September 18, 1999 Board of Trustees Meeting:

1. RESOLVED, that the operating budget presented for fiscal year 1999-2000 including the wage increases recognized for represented and non-represented employees is approved.

2. RESOLVED, that capital expenditures of $3,806,617 are approved for fiscal year 1999-2000.

3. RESOLVED, Ratification of the Project.  The Board hereby ratifies and confirms in all respects its approval of the Project and the financing thereof by the Eddie Mac Loan.

4. RESOLVED, that the collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the two parties providing for among other things, wage increases of 3%, 3.5% and 4% during the three year term of the agreement, July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2002, is approved.  The legal sufficiency review letter provided by legal counsel is incorporated by reference to this resolution. (International Brotherhood of Firemen, Oilers, Powerhouse Operators and Maintenance Men, No. Local 473)

5. RESOLVED, as a general rule, no student shall be admitted or re-admitted to Lincoln University if that studentís account with the University is in arrears and arrangements, satisfactory to the administration, have not been made to clear the arrears in a timely manner.  Specific criteria providing for exceptions to the general rule shall be developed by the administration and communicated, in writing, to affected students.

6. RESOLVED, that the Board hereby approves the attached revised Code of Conduct for Lincoln University.
NOTE: All employees are covered by the Code of Conduct - signing acknowledgment indicates that the employee has received and read it.

Preparation of 2000-01 Operational and Capital Budget - The development of the 2000-01 operational budget should begin soon.  The vice presidents were asked to identify and list the cost centers in their unit.  Mr. McCusker will give each vice president a copy of the current chart of accounts to use in this assignment.  The 2000-01 operational budget will be developed using three different scenarios - 2% cut, no change, 3% increase.  These percentages are not to be across the board but used as averages.

 University Message Package - The office of Communications is developing a message package that will be used by all persons acting on behalf of the University.  It will include a fact sheet, the 2000-01 operational and capital budget request, and a case statement for development.  The packet is to be completed by Nov. 1.  The fact sheet and budget information are to be ready for review in the next couple of weeks.

Preparation for Board Meetings - The vice presidents were instructed to prepare action items for the Board Committee Chairs and to work with the chairs to prepare Board materials at least two weeks before the Board meetings.  The faculty and student profiles will be given at the November Board meeting and should be taken through the appropriate Board committee.  Dr. Hence is to prepare a written report to the Student Affairs committee on how he is putting together a student processing system (admissions, financial aid, and housing working together). Dr. Winchester should provide the Educational Policies committee with a report on what the faculty committees are working on.

Development & Alumni Relations - The office of Development was asked to convene a Faculty/Staff/Student Planning Committee for the Founders Day/Presidential Inauguration (April 15, 2000).

International Cultural Center - Mr. McCusker was asked to check with the State to find out what they consider to be Lincolnís obligation in this matter.  Mr. Fairbanks is to provide a report on the commitment of dollars to this project thus far.  He was also to look into why a site across the street was chosen for this facility and if this might possibly be changed.  The Office of Development is to give a status report on the entire scope of this project.

Dr. Nelson is very interested in meeting with and cultivating relationships with high potential donors.  The Office of Development was asked to pull together a list of persons/corporations  (past supporters or new donors) who might fall into this category.  The list will be reviewed by the President's Cabinet for final selection of targeted donors.

Development was also asked to devise a plan to cultivate Honorary Degree recipients as well.  An updated list of past recipients is to be given to Dr. Nelson as soon as possible.   Dr. Winchester was asked to talk to Board Member Frank Gihan regarding criteria and process for nominating honorary degree recipients.

Management Issues
 - Vice Presidents are to give progress reports on development of job descriptions at the October 11 Cabinet meeting.

- Dr. Nelson would like to see written evidence that the vice presidents are delegating downward, management and operational decision making.  Copies of minutes of staff meetings with direct reports should be sent to Dr. Nelson FYI.

- Dr. Nelson has proposed that the administrative Faculty Union bargaining team consist of Vice President Winchester, Vice President McCusker and Human Resources Director Rosalie Facey-Jones.  A resolution for approval of these appointments will be presented to the Business Affairs Committee for action at the November Board meeting.

- Dr. Nelson has proposed that the administrative Secretarial Union bargaining team consist of Vice President McCusker and Human Resources Director Rosalie Facey-Jones.  A resolution for approval of these appointments will be presented to the Business Affairs Committee for action at the November Board meeting.

- The Vice President for Fiscal Affairs' signature is to be omitted from the approval process for purchasing.  The Vice Presidents were asked to review the current policy for discussion at the next Cabinet meeting.  Authorization levels must also be established for purchases.

Critical Staff Needs - Dr. Nelson identified the following staffing needs:
 - Assistant Vice President for Information Systems reporting to Vice President for Fiscal Affairs (replacing MIS Director)
 - Engineer in the Physical Plant reporting to Director of Physical Plant
 - Internal Lawyer reporting to the President
 - Internal Auditor reporting to the President
 - Identification of Faculty needs based on Curricula demands

Lincoln University Seal - The office of Development was asked to solicit recommendations and designs for an official University seal, logo, and slogan.  Artist renditions will be due in the Office of Development in four weeks.  A faculty/student committee will then be convened to look at the designs.  Required components of the seal include: Lincoln University, Pennsylvania; The Commonwealth System of Higher Education 1972; Founded 1854.

Emergency Weather Plan - The emergency weather plan will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting.

Budget Management - Fiscal Affairs was asked to develop budget transfer and line item transfer forms to be used by staff members.

Proposal from the Center for the Study of Critical Languages - Dr. Winchester was asked to handle this matter.

 - The Cabinet discussed a new L.U. publication (The Lincoln Beat) that has been proposed by the Office of Communications.  Dr. Nelson asked that this be brought back to the Cabinet with a proposal which outlines the intended distribution, frequency of publication, size of publication, and the cost to print and mail.  Also discussed was the need for a quarterly publication that will contain alumni and University news.  Development was asked to identify all major publications of the University and their distribution.  The complete list is to be presented to the Cabinet so that one look can be developed for all publications.  Once this is done, the printing of all University publications will be sent out for bid to be handled by one contractor.  This will greatly reduce the cost of publication.

- The search committee has narrowed the list of candidates to provide security services down to two firms.  These firms will be interviewed within the next two weeks.

- The University will invite Governor Ridge to speak at one of its major events this year.  The Honorable Eugene Hickok, Secretary of Education, will also be invited to speak.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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