President's Cabinet Meeting

September 8, 1999

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Edward McCusker, Vice President Richard Winchester, Vice President Anthony Fairbanks, Ms. Veronica Cohen, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones

Dr. Nelson opened the meeting by reporting that he had visited with The Honorable Johnny Butler, Secretary of Labor & Industry; Mr. Mark Holman, the Governor’s Chief of Staff; The Honorable Eugene Hickok, Secretary of Education; The Honorable Robert Casey, Jr; Auditor General; Mr. Michael H. Hershock, President & CEO of PHEAA; and others in Harrisburg the previous day.  He indicated that the general perception of Lincoln in Harrisburg is that as an institution, we are inattentive to the State’s deadlines and regulations.  Dr. Nelson indicated that this perception must be changed and immediate steps will be taken to ensure that the University adheres to all deadlines, rules and regulations handed down by the State.

Dr. Nelson reported also that he had received some level of commitment to support extra funding for Lincoln University.  Dr. Winchester suggested that support for the University’s science programs might be received most favorably.  Mr. McCusker was instructed to add an extra line of $1 million for our science programs in the budget request due September 15, 1999.

Review/adoption of policies - The following policies were adopted at the meeting: Life- threatening illnesses in the workplace; Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment; Faculty/Administrative/Student Hiring Process; Administrative Time & Record Keeping; and Immunization and Physical Examination Policy.

The Immunization policy will be incorporated into the admissions packet.  Ms. Cohen was given the task of ensuring that this policy is distributed to all students as soon as possible.  The vice presidents are to enforce the Administrative Time & Recording Keeping policy for personnel in their divisions.

The travel policy is still under review.  Mr. McCusker was instructed to finalize this policy and submit it to Human Resources for adoption as soon as he feels it is suitable.  It was decided that University American Express cards will be issued to Admission Counselors who sign the institution’s "Letter of Agreement" concerning the use of the card.

Ms. Facey-Jones was asked to draft a policy on employees who will be granted additional pay for work outside their department.  The general view was that Directors and those above Directors will not be eligible for additional pay.

Financial Aid/Admissions/Recruitment - Ms. Cohen reported that as of 9/7/99, 1225 students had been cleared.  The registration has been extended to Friday, 9/10/99.  The group agreed that this deadline is to be extended to sometime next week.  That date will be decided after review of all available information.

The group talked about possibly raising the $75 admission fee beginning with the 2000-2001 academic year.  It is believed that students paying a higher admission fee will have a greater commitment to actually enroll.  This will provide the University with a better sense of how many students to actually expect.

Ms. Cohen was asked to convene a meeting with financial aid and admissions to develop some procedures that will ensure that these offices are working in tangent with each other and that admission/enrollment numbers are accurate.  She was also asked to ensure that personnel in financial aid are given proper instruction in this area.

Development goals/priorities - Dr. Nelson indicated that he wants the Office of Development and External Relations to focus on large corporations and other means that will garner large dividends for the University.

Physical Plant - Mr. McCusker reported that the air conditioning in the library is down.  He expected to received bids for a temporary unit sometime that day.

Mr. McCusker also reported that L & I has not contacted the University about returning to campus for a follow up inspection.   Mr. Jansen Robinson is meeting with personnel about the importance of keeping doors closed and closing open doors when they come upon them.  Signs have been ordered and will be posted on doors around campus so that everyone is aware of the need to keep doors closed.

Board of Trustees agenda items - The administration will bring the following items before the Board at the September 18, 1999 meeting: 1999-00 budget; Code of Conduct; Labor agreement; Enrollment update; Promotion, Tenure & Severance recommendations.

Strategic Planning for the University - Dr. Nelson shared with the group, draft copies of four memoranda dealing with strategic planning and the preparation of the 2000-01 Operational and Capital budgets.  These memoranda will be distributed to the campus.

Reports/Action from Vice Presidents - Dr. Winchester reported that USA Today contacted him about a program which would make available three major newspapers to Lincoln Students.  One of the papers would have to be USA Today, and the other two would be chosen by the University.  These papers would be available for all students in the dorm lounges, at no charge for a trial period.  Should we decide to continue in the program, the cost will be $20/student for the academic year.  A decision was made to begin the trial period in March or April 2000.

Dr. Winchester also opened a discussion concerning copyright policy and the University’s adherence to this policy.  Dr. Winchester was given the charge of pursuing this matter to ensure the University’s compliance.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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