President's Cabinet Meeting

August 30, 1999

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Arnold Hence, Vice President Edward McCusker, Vice President Richard Winchester, Ms. Maria Adams Pearson

Presidential Priorities - The vice presidents were asked to send four goals relating to the Presidential Priorities established by the Board of Trustees to Dr. Nelson ASAP. These goals did not necessarily have to pertain to their respective area of responsibility. These goals will be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting (9/8/99).

Capital Budget - Dr. Nelson distributed to the vice presidents the format to be used for capital budget projects. This format listed the
facility, items to be included in the budget, and whether the expenses are considered capital expenditures or operational expenditures. Mr. McCusker indicated that the capital budget is already in a format similar to what Dr. Nelson requested and he would make certain the format is
adhered to.

September 18, 1999 Meeting of the Board of Trustees - Dr. Nelson indicated that the Chairwoman expressed a desire to hold the meetings of the Board in different locations on the campus. Withstanding any unforseen obstacles, the September meeting of the Board will be held in the small gym.

Strategic Planning for the University - A Strategic Planning Committee will be convened to determine the vision, mission and set of goals for the university. The Committee will be Chaired by Dr. Nelson and will include representation from all university constituencies. The plan is to present the vision, mission and goals to the Board of Trustees for adoption at their April 2000 meeting.

Admissions Process, Policy and Procedures - Dr. Nelson indicated that admissions processes, policy and procedures must be established for graduate programs. These should include a set of minimal standards for all graduate programs. Dr. Winchester stated that graduate programs will be placed on the agenda for the September 7, 1999 faculty meeting.

Admissions is to put a notice in application packets indicating the deadline by which financial aid forms must be on file or payment received.

Enrollment - Dr. Hence was asked to give the enrollment figure for undergraduates to Mr. McCusker for preparation of his report to the
Board of Trustees at their September 18, 1999 meeting. Dr. Winchester will supply graduate figures. Dr. Winchester will stress to faculty the
need for them to adhere to the September 7, 1999 "drop dead" date for registration.

Year 2000 Contingency Planning - Dr. Hence was asked to prepare a 3-4 page "emergency response plan and disaster capability statement immediately. Mr. McCusker was asked to prepare a 1-2 page "disaster recovery" statement. Dr. Nelson
indicated that there is an immediate need for at least a skeletal record of how much food is on hand at any given time and how long it could sustain operations in the case of an emergency.

Statement of Relationship between L.U. and Nationally Chartered Greek Lettered Fraternities & Sororities - Dr. Hence was asked to make certain that SGA reviews the proposed statement after making sure that references to people in charge coincide with
Lincolnís organizational chart. The plan is to have this in place in the next couple of weeks. Dr. Hence should make sure there is a similar statement in place for all organizations on campus.

Student Rights Under FERPA - Dr. Henceís area is to design a form that will be included as a part of the admissions packet. This form will authorize the University to release information about the student to their parents. Students will be asked to sign this form and it will be kept on file.

The Office of Development will follow up with NAFEO concerning the FY00 Appropriations Action Alert and Other Federal Relations Activities and Issues.

Lincoln University Letterhead - The cabinet approved the new letterhead for the university. The new letterhead will be issued for all new orders. In order to make an efficient transition, all departments should continue to use their remaining supply of the old design for internal correspondence and use the new letterhead for all external communications.

Code of Conduct - The revised Code of Conduct will be placed on the agenda for the September Board meeting. Mr. McCusker was asked to type a resolution for adoption of the revised code.

PA Dept. Of Education 2000-01 Capital Budget - The capital budget is due in Harrisburg October 1, 1999. The vice presidents were asked to submit information regarding their capital project requests to Mr. McCusker by September 15 for inclusion in this budget.

Travel Expenses - The vice presidents were asked to submit travel expense reimbursement requests to the president on a monthly basis. This report should include any cell phone/long distance calling card charges.

A policy regarding reimbursement of travel expenses for university employees is also needed. It will allow for the submission of expense reimbursement requests two times per month. This will reduce the backlog in the business office caused by multiple requests for reimbursement of relatively small amounts.

Tuition Remission - Dr. Winchester was asked to draft a policy statement for language assistants to participate in graduate programs as payment of contract, not tuition remission.

The practice of providing tuition remission for dependents who are part-time students will be made a policy. Dr. Winchester was asked to make certain necessary steps were taken to accomplish this change.

Miscellaneous - Ms. Diane Brown was asked to draft a letter of regret to Seligsohn Hess Company indicating that the University has already employed the services of a commercial real estate firm to assist with identifying tenants for 3020 Market Street.

Mr. McCusker will ask Mr. John Willis to review the material sent by City and Town Management Services and respond to that firm.

Dr. Winchester will give the information concerning Lincolnís membership in Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) Mathematics, Science, and Engineering (MSE) Network to the science division.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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