President's Cabinet Meeting

July 24, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Mr. Tracey Hunter Hayes, Ms. Connie Lundy, Dr. Tom Dickey, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Environmental Alliance - The University has received the bi-monthly report for the reporting period 7/2/2000 - 7/15/000 from Environmental Alliance, Inc. The report included the following activities: site inspection, Radiological Protection Report is in the process of being drafted and Storage tank monitoring wells were re-sampled and a slug test was performed. Scheduled activities for the period 7/16/2000 - 7/31/2000 include report preparation of waste management area, receipt of confirmation sampling results from storage tank, report preparation on radiation protection. All Environmental Alliance reports will be copied to Dr. K. R. Bhat, the University's Radiation Protection Officer.

Title III - The Cabinet was given copies of the Title III budget and Inspection Report for the period March 16, 1990 - May 25, 1999. A follow-up review of the administration of the Title III grant funds by the U.S. Department of Education will be performed in August 2000. The period of review is July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000.

Academic Affairs - Dr. Dickey presented the following new fee schedule for transcripts. The Cabinet approved the new schedule, which reduces the basic transcript fee.

$4.00 each Transcripts printed on the ScripSafeTM paper.
$3.00 each Transcripts printed on plain paper and marked "Unofficial Transcript" with a rubber Stamp
$10.00 Same day service if the request is received prior to 1:00 P.M. and for next day service for those requests received after 1:00 P.M.
No Charge Students needing a list of their courses and grades without the computations of credits and quality point averages may request a "History List."

Vice President SubbaRao informed the group that all faculty contracts had been issued.

Fiscal Affairs - Vice President McCusker informed the Cabinet that Physical Plant personnel are developing a process for requesting a move to different office space. The new process will include all aspects of the move, including voice and data wiring, and will be presented to the Cabinet for approval at its next meeting.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Admissions Statistics - Data as of July 21, 2000

# of undergraduate applications for Fall 2000 ------------------------------3084
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 1999-------------------------------2813
# admitted for Fall 2000----------------------------------------------------1228
# admitted for Fall 1999----------------------------------------------------1430
# deposits paid for Fall 2000-------------------------------------------------297
# deposits paid for Fall 1999-------------------------------------------------424
# of Graduate applications for Fall 2000--------------------------------------301
# of Graduates admitted for Fall 2000----------------------------------------108

A review of current student accounts shows that 563 students owe the University $399,000. Returning students owing $1,000 or more on their accounts will not be permitted to register or be assigned dorm space for the Fall semester. Letters will be sent out informing students of this.

Ms. Lundy presented a "Special Events Price Guide" to the Cabinet. The Price Guide establishes the cost for the use of Lincoln facilities by outside groups. The Division was asked to consider the cost of site preparation and cleaning when setting these costs. A revised schedule of fees will be presented to the Cabinet at its next meeting.

The L.U. Student Leadership Retreat will be held August 16 - 18, 2000. Agendas for the Retreat were distributed to the Cabinet.

MISCELLANEOUS - President Nelson informed the group about the new D.C. Tuition assistance Grant Program. This Program pays the difference, up to $10,000, between in-state and out-of-state tuition for all District residents attending public postsecondary institutions. Each student can receive up to $50,000 in assistance during his/her lifetime. President Nelson has signed Lincoln's Program Participation Agreement with the District of Columbia government making us eligible to participate in the program. All of Lincoln's students from D.C. will be made aware of this program.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown, Assistant to the President

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