President's Cabinet Meeting

July 3, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Mr. Colin McGowan, Mr. Tracey Hunter-Hayes, Mr. Hershel Bailey, and Ms. Toni Isaacs

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Senate appointment to the Board The Honorable Hardy Williams was reappointed for another term, as Commonwealth Trustee, for a term expiring in August 2003.

Capital Requests to State The cabinet was informed that the House of Representatives and Senate had passed Bill SB1349. This list contains new projects for Lincoln University. A total of $82.03 million has been approved. Dr. Nelson indicated the following concerning this list:

This bill does not release any money
The projects need to be approved by the Secretary of the Budget and Department of General Services
Lincoln University must contact the Executive Branch of the Government to establish a 5-year Plan to facilitate the funding of these projects
Funding plan and priority list needed Residence Halls are not funded under the Bill approved by the Legislature

Operating and Capital Budget 2000-2001 Dr. Nelson announced to the members of Cabinet that the Board approved the 2000-2001 Budget on June 30, 2000. Dr. Nelson stressed to all Vice Presidents the need to emphasize to each of their specific departments, not to stray from the budget, as approved. What has been approved, is the amount they will receive. This budget is predicated on 1800 FTE. Tracey Hunter-Hayes will have Mr. Samuel Pressley, Office of Communications, prepare a release to the campus regarding the Budget.

Emergency Report Work Group All Lincoln University students, as well as, faculty, staff and administrative personnel will be participating in a "Safety Awareness" presentation conducted by the Union Fire Company, students and Chester County fire officials. Dr. Nelson indicated that this past semester, the Union Fire Company responded to 54 false alarms at Lincoln - during the past three years the total was 154.

Title III Grant Award Notification Dr. SubbaRao, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, will notify Dr. Brevett regarding corrections on Grants and Award Notifications.

Phone-a-thon Results The Admissions Office conducted a Phone-a-thon for prospective students June 11-13,2000. 754 Prospective students were called - of those called, 435 indicated they would not be coming to Lincoln. Of the 435 students not coming to Lincoln University, 183 will be going to other Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Student campus/community service program This program will place students in various offices on campus and will assign students to beautify the campus grounds. Details of the program will be worked out after further investigation. Mr. Hershel Bailey will contact Ms. Veronica Cohen and follow up with her to insure there will not be any problems that may arise from these student services. Also, Mr. Bailey will make Ms. Royal aware of the functions of this service.

Buildings on campus Mr. McGowan informed the Cabinet that repairs/renovations are in progress in the following buildings:

Morris Hall -
Furniture - has been ordered.
Renovations have begun Library.
L ibrary Roof - Started repair on 7/3/00.
Air Conditioning - Started on 6/30/00.
Lights/Carpet - This was a different type of operation - - almost at completion; ceiling tile still needed. Should be on line by the end of the summer 2000.

McRary Hall & Rendell Hall - Heat & Water - Progressing Fire Alarm Systems. Preliminary design has been done.

Dickey Hall - Have been getting good comments, since the air conditioning has been repaired.

Hansbury Hall - L & I in compliance.

Mr. McGowan to have the fitness trail cleaned for the Alumni Picnic.
Dr. Nelson stated that Dr. William Bynum has accepted the position of Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.

Ms. Toni Isaacs, Senior Secretary - Office of the Board of Trustees.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.
Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President


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