President’s Cabinet Meeting
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
9:00 a.m.
ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Interim Vice President Jerryl Briggs, Dean Thelma Ross and Ms. Diane M. Brown. 
The June 15, 2010 Cabinet minutes were approved.
Mr. Thompson gave the following report:
The summer work is proceeding well and on schedule.
1.      Amos House Soffit Repairs                                                    $7,000 in design
2.      Amos House Heating Upgrades                                            $22,000 in design
3.      Ashmun Hall Lobby Upgrades                                               $35,000 working
4.      Fredrick Douglas Hall Lounge Upgrades                              $30,000 working
5.      Fredrick Douglas Hall, Pumps & Valves                                $20,000 working
6.      Fredrick Douglas Hall Hot Water Upgrades                         $28,000 waiting for a  permit
7.      Hansberry Hall Hot Water System                                        $15,000 in design
8.      Hansberry Hall Ventilation Upgrades                                   $45,000 in design
9.      Hansberry Hall Hot Water Plate Heater                               $30,000 neg. a contr.
10.  Hansberry Hall Sinks and Vanities                                       $10,000 in design
11.  Lucy Laney Hall Bathroom Exhaust System                         $15,000 design
12.  McCauley Hall Bathroom Upgrades                                     $40,000 working
13.  McCauley Hall Hot Water Conversion                                  $82,000*
14.  McRary Hall Hot Water Conversion                                     $35,000* NGas part is underway
15.  McRary Hall New Lobby Lights                                              $6,000 working
16.  McRary Hall Electrical Upgrades                                         $80,000* working
17.  McRary Hall Bathroom Upgrades                                        $95,000* working
18.  Rendall Hall Basement Repairs                                           $30,000
19.  Rendall Hall Hot Water Plate Heater                                   $30,000
20.  LLC Wiring of the Smoke Alarms                                          $67,500 in design
21.  LLC Replace Room Lights                                                     $48,000 in design
22.  All Residence Buildings, Furniture                                     $100,000
                                         Key Boxes                                            $2,000
                                         Door Alarms                                       $17,500 in design
                                         Hall Light Controls                               $9,000
                                         Clean Fin Tubes                                    $6,000
Grand Total 2010 Summer                                                        $905,000
Estimated completion spring 2011                                             292,000
 Total for 2010 Summer                                                            $613,000
(*) indicates the estimated completion date of spring 2011
        Project 1101-28 Increase Generation: Chris Morris, our Project Manager, is working closely with DGS to identify the faults with the system.  DGS has agreed with his findings and a new design firm is stepping in to consult with and drive a new solution.
        Project 1101-32 Vail Hall: We held our kick-off meeting and the contractors should mobilize within 10 days. 
        Bids are in for projects 1101-39 (Grimm) 1101-43 (Wright) and 1101-44 (Library):  We will be able to do base bid #1 on all of the packages. The kick-off meeting is scheduled for the week of 7/6. The safety fence will be our first concern.
        Project 1101-47: The firms are under contract and we held the kick-off meeting on 6/15.  We expect their trailers to begin arriving next week.
        Projects 1101-45 (Landscape) and 1101-46 (Athletics): The award letters have been sent to the apparent winners and DGS is awaiting their approvals.

Currently, we plan on having the following personnel assignments:
1.      1101-28-3 Additional Generator = J. Thompson & Chris Morris
2.      1101-32 = J. Thompson
3.      1101-38 (roof repairs) = Joe Urban
4.      1101-39, 43, 44, = Gerry Davis & Joe Urban
5.      1101-45, 46 = Chris Morris & Horticultural Manager (funded position)
6.      1101-47 = unknown but in the proposed budget

We also lost a 4160 volt transformer that powers the south wing of LLC. We used a temporary unit to get through commencement and the new one is on order. Repairs should be complete by the end of the week.
        Swing space modulars for the Vail and  Lincoln Hall projects are planned to be set starting 6/28. We are adding a unit to the 7 plex (formally known as the 6 plex) which will change the design and require a new permit. I am working with the Township to make this happen quickly.
        The Library Collection move is just about complete. A special thanks to everyone who made this possible.
John Thompson
Director Physical Plant           
Lincoln University 2010-2011 Operating Budget Preparations – Vice President Merlin provided version 6 of the draft 2010-2011 operating budget.  President Nelson indicated that he anticipates the final proposed budget will be ready to present to the Board of Trustees for a mid-July meeting. 
Cabinet discussed the impact of a smaller student enrollment on the budget.  July 5th has been established as the date to make a determination as to whether to revisit the admissions requirements if the current change in the student mix does not support university operations.  Three determining factors include the number of new students, the number of graduate admits, and the number of students currently on academic suspension that will be permitted to return for the fall semester. 
The University’s healthcare plan premiums were also discussed.  Further analysis will be presented once it is completed.
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Philadelphia School District – Lincoln University and The School District of Philadelphia are in the process of establishing and affirming a continuous educational partnership between the two entities with the following goals:
    a.    To provide Professional Development Services to District personnel that include (i) educational offerings of a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Urban Pedagogy, (ii) training to pass Praxis I and II for Pennsylvania Certification and (iii) courses in Urban Pedagogy for persons who have already earned Master’s degrees.
    b.   To provide Step to-College and Dual Enrollment Courses to Lincoln University with Vaux and University City High Schools.
    c.    To develop and implement a model student teaching training program with an emphasis on Urban Pedagogy between Lincoln University and Vaux and University City High Schools utilizing undergraduate student teaching interns from Lincoln University.”
FY 2010 Title III Award – The Department of Education will award Lincoln University an additional $861,996 for the FY 2010 Title III grant.  Lincoln must submit the application for the additional funding by July 30, 2010.
Lincoln University included in Case Study – Rice staff persons have included the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority’s issuance of $40,140,000 in revenue bonds to fund the construction of the Lincoln University’s 409-bed residence hall among the case studies of financing projects for which they have provided assistance.
University-owned vehicle and equipment upkeep – President Nelson stressed that the University’s vehicles and equipment must be adequately cared for.  Executive Vice President Hill will work with Mr. Thompson on a plan for the cleaning, upkeep and repair of all University-owned vehicles and equipment.
Removal of generator – Mr. Thompson was given authorization to look into disposing of the obsolete generator that has been housed behind the physical plant for several years.
Summer Bridge Program – Over 70 students have paid deposits to attend the Summer Bridge Program.

Interim Vice President Briggs stressed that if Lincoln plans to make changes to admissions criteria, it would be in the University’s best interest to begin the push as soon as possible.
Fall 2010 Admission Statistics (As of 06.20.10) –.
Undergraduate Admissions:
                                      Fall 2009             Fall 2010             Fall 2010
                                                                                                (900+ SAT)
Applications Received       7641                    6830                     742
Admitted                           2298                    1513                     593
Deposits Paid                      527                      225                      86
Graduate Admissions:
                                       Fall 2009             Fall 2010   
Applications Received        304                      298         
Admitted                            153                      153         
There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.

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