President's Cabinet Meeting

June 12, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Ms. Brenda Young, Mr. John Willis, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Physical Plant - President Nelson presented to the Cabinet a list of Physical Plant Priority Projects for the Summer. The list included projects that must be completed on or before August 30, 2000, activities that must be monitored during the summer, and activities that must be completed by August 15, 2000.

Mr. Willis informed the Cabinet that the $7,000 available for the renovation of the Television Studio would not be sufficient to perform the necessary renovations. He estimates that the total cost may be $25,000. Dr. Willis is to be informed that the cost for the renovation is to be considered along with other priority projects in her School, which will be undertaken utilizing the $200,000 in capital funds designated for academic equipment.

Interim Vice President SubbaRao indicated that it is very important that a schedule of repairs for the labs in Wright Hall is developed and the first phase is included in the 2000/2001 budget.

Office space on the top floor of Vail Hall will be configured to accommodate the three deans and a clerical support person. Ms. Brown was asked to meet with the parties involved to come up with a plan for the use of the available space.

President Nelson expressed his concern about work schedules in the housekeeping and grounds/maintenance departments. Mr. Willis indicated that there is room for a change, however, more cooperation from the students is needed in this area. He also expressed the need for additional administrative/technical staff to assist with day-to-day functions in the department.

Fiscal Affairs
- Effective July 1, 2000, all foreign travel must be approved by the President of the University before the travel is begun. A well-defined proposal stating the particular programmatic benefits that will be derived from the travel must accompany the request for travel authorization form.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management - In order to comply with recommendations made by Financial Aid Service, the transfer of personnel to the Financial Aid office has been made. Additional space must also be made available to accommodate the added personnel in the Financial Aid office.

Admissions Statistics - Data as of June 12, 2000

# of undergraduate applications for Fall 2000 ------------------------------2940
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 1999------------------------------2684
# admitted for Fall 2000---------------------------------------------------1019
# admitted for Fall 1999---------------------------------------------------1260
# deposits paid for Fall 2000------------------------------------------------172
# deposits paid for Fall 1999------------------------------------------------294
# of Graduate applications for Fall 2000------------------------------------163

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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