President’s Cabinet Meeting
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
9:00 a.m.


ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Provost and Senior Vice President Grant D. Venerable II, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Interim Vice President Jerryl Briggs, and Ms. Diane M. Brown.  Mr. John Thompson, Director of Physical Plant, was in attendance for a portion of the meeting.


The June 1, 2010 Cabinet minutes were approved.


Mr. Thompson reported that a mechanic will be placed on the 11P -7AM shift to provide greater service for residence halls when school is in session.  An on-site worker will decrease greatly the response time to issues arising during this time period.

Vice President Briggs requested that Frederick Douglas, Ashmun, McRary and Rendall Halls be placed on a schedule for regular heating service checks.

The following capital projects report was provided by Mr. Thompson.

•    Student Life sent us their list of areas that they want addressed by the painting contract. This work is well underway. We have increased the cost for the work.
•    Many of the summer work projects are in various stages of design or in work.
•     Penn Dot addressed our rear gate pothole problem. It is marginal, will get a price to do it right.

1.    Amos Hall Soffit Repairs                                                        $7,000 in design
2.    Amos Hall Heating Upgrades                                                $22,000 in design
3.    Ashmun Hall Lobby Upgrades                                               $35,000 working
4.    Fredrick Douglas Hall Lounge Upgrades                                $30,000 working
5.    Fredrick Douglas Hall, Pumps & Valves                                $20,000 working
6.    Fredrick Douglas Hall Hot Water Upgrades                           $28,000 in design
7.    Hansberry Hall Hot Water System                                       $15,000 in design
8.    Hansberry Hall Ventilation Upgrades                                   $45,000 in design
9.    Hansberry Hall Hot Water Plate Heater                               $30,000 neg. a contr.
10.    Hansberry Hall Sinks and Vanities                                    $10,000 in design
11.    Lucy Laney Hall Bathroom Exhaust System                     $15,000 working
12.    McCauley Hall Bathroom Upgrades                                 $40,000 in design
13.    McCauley Hall Hot Water Conversion                              $82,000*
14.    McRary Hall Hot Water Conversion                                 $35,000*
15.    McRary Hall New Lobby Lights                                        $6,000 working
16.    McRary Hall Electrical Upgrades                                    $80,000*
17.    McRary Hall Bathroom Upgrades                                   $95,000*
18.    Rendall Hall Basement Repairs                                      $30,000
19.    Rendall Hall Hot Water Plate Heater                               $30,000 in design
20.    LLC Wiring of the Smoke Alarms                                   $67,500 in design
21.    LLC Replace Room Lights                                             $48,000 in design
22.    All Residence Buildings, Furniture                                $100,000
                                         Key Boxes                                    $2,000
                                         Door Alarms                                $17,500 in design
                                         Hall Light Controls                         $9,000
                                         Clean Fin Tubes                            $6,000
                                         Painting                                    $140,000
Grand Total 2010 Summer                                                $1,045,000
Estimated completion spring 2011                                         292,000
      Total for 2010 Summer                                                  $653,000

(*) indicates the estimated completion date of spring 2011.

•    Vail Hall interior wall repairs are complete. The next phase is for the HVAC upgrades and they can begin around 10 days from now.  
•    Project 1101-32  (HVAC) See above.  DGS has selected the bidders and we should be able to complete base bid #3. Most of this work is in Vail and Lincoln Hall. The other work will be considered as the project moves forward.
•    Bids are in for projects 1101-39 (Grimm) 1101-43 (Wright) and 1101-44 (Library) we will be able to do base bid #1 on all of the packages. The bidders have been selected and their kick off meeting is June 15th.
•    Project 1101-47 (Wellness Center) We have been following the Best Value procedure and as soon as the Secretary makes the award we can start the process. The firms are under contract and we are waiting for the kick-off meeting.
•    Projects 1101-45 N/C (Landscape) and 1101-46 (Athletics) submittals were received at Harrisburg on April 13th.  We received the revised bids yesterday and we have this week to review the proposals and send in our ratings. We attended a meeting on June 3rd and rated the proposals. Hopefully the “Best Value” system is still a work in progress. It is hard to tell if it is cost driven or truly “Best Value” A meeting with the Deputy Secretary Ms. O’Reilly has been requested. It appeared the State had already made up their minds but upon review we were able to convince them some of the statements in the proposal were not complete.
•    Currently we plan on having the following assignments:
1.    1101-28-3 Additional Generator = J. Thompson & Chris Morris
2.    1101-32 = J. Thompson
3.    1101-38 (roof repairs) = Joe Urban
4.    1101-39, 43, 44, = Gerry Davis & Joe Urban
5.    1101-45, 46 = Chris Morris & Horticultural Manager (funded position)
6.    1101-47 = unknown but in the proposed budget
•    The new electrical transformer for Rendall has been received. It is being installed.  
•    We also lost a 4160 volt transformer that powers the south wing of LLC. We used a temporary unit to get through commencement and the new one is on order. Repairs should be complete in about 2 weeks.
•    We are finalizing a contract to move the collection over to the modulars. The target is to be complete before June. 28th.
•    We are adding a unit to the 7 plex (formally known as the 6 plex) which will change the design and require a new permit. I’m working with the Township to make this happen quickly.
•    We have not heard if the book collection has been reduced to the 100,000 target number. The mover is ready to start on June 14th.
•    Some of the art collection was moved over to the ICC art storage rooms yesterday. We will only move what will fit on the actual storage shelves.
•    Resident life has asked for key boxes to be installed in the R/C rooms for better control.  Resident life has asked for door alarms to be installed ant many of the perimeter exit doors to improve control over the building.
•    Many of the resident buildings have no control over the hall lights. Our plan is to install lockable controls so some students can not compromise the safety of the residents.
•    Some dorms with perimeter baseboard heat will be cleaned. This is the third year for this project.
•    We currently have a $60,000 purchase order for painting in the system. The proposed budget has two line items for an additional $80,000 that would cover the request work.
This is a short explanation of what is being targeted this summer and some planning for the next break after the students leave next year.

John Thompson, Director Physical Plant.


Lincoln University 2010-2011 Budget Preparations – President Nelson provided detail of version 4 of the draft 2010-2011 operations budget.  Vice President Merlin reiterated his request for additional salary information.  It was agreed that this information would be provided to those vice presidents needing this information for their division(s).

Class of 2010 Graduates –
        Master Degree Recipients                      241
        Social Sciences & Behavioral Studies    204
        Humanities                                              46
        Natural Sciences & Mathematics             41
            Total Class of 2010                           532


Dr. Venerable was asked to take the lead in working with the Philadelphia School District on a proposal for Urban Education/Pedagogy.


Fall 2010 Undergraduate Admission Statistics (As of 05.31.10) – Vice President Briggs stressed the importance of starting a major push, and/or considering additional options now in order to accomplish fall 2010 enrollment goals.

                                            Fall 2009        Fall 2010        Fall 2010
                                                                                        (9000+ SAT)
Applications Received             7468              6737              732
Admitted                                 2173              1480              581
Deposits Paid                            429                174                74


There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 11:00 a.m.
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