President's Cabinet Meeting

June 5, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Interim Vice President Saligrama C. SubbaRao, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Mr. Jansen Robinson, Ms. Diane M. Brown

L.U. Administrative Retreat - President Nelson informed the Cabinet of the upcoming Administrative Retreat, June 21, 2000. Attendance at the Retreat is mandatory for all Directors and Supervisors. A memorandum indicating this will be sent to all persons falling under these categories.

L.U. Appropriation for 2000-2001 - House Bill No. 2403 (Lincoln's appropriation) stipulates that payments to L.U. provided for program initiatives are contingent on the University making all articulation agreements with other higher education institutions available on the Internet. Dr. Thomas Dickey, Registrar, will be asked to make certain that this requirement is met.

Financial Aid Services - This consulting firm, hired by the University to help address various financial issues, has suggested that Vice President McCusker be appointed to serve as the University's coordinator for the 1996-97 and the 1997-98 Program Reviews/Audits under way. The University has acted upon this recommendation. In this capacity, Vice President McCusker will be the contact person for the U.S. Department of Education and PHEAA.

Collaboration with William Penn School District - Mr. Eric Ward has initiated preliminary meetings concerning possible collaborative efforts with this school District. Discussions are ongoing.

STI Advisory Board - President Nelson approved the recommendation of Dr. Iz. Osayimwese, Director, Summer Transportation Institute (STI), to appoint Ms. Cheryl Rice-Moore as Lincoln University's representative on the Advisory Board.

Development and External Relations
- Vice President Fairbanks reported that income from the Inaugural Week and Founder's Day activities was $98,005.00. Expenses for the week of activities have not yet been finalized. However, Vice President Fairbanks indicated he expected profits to exceed those garnered from previous Founder's Day events. President Nelson asked Vice President Fairbanks to prepare a report on major donor and development items.

Fiscal Affairs - Vice President McCusker indicated that the Octorara & Elk Creek Watershed Associations and the Alliance for the Chesapeake have expressed a desire to develop a piece of Lincoln's property as part of a stream restoration project. The small plot would be maintained and evaluated by faculty and students in the science division. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss this further.

L.U. 2000-2001 Capital Budget - Departmental requests totaling $12.7 million have been received. The projects must be prioritized to develop a budget within the $4 million available for capital projects. $200,000 has already been designated for academic equipment, and $300,000 must be designated for technology. Vice President SubbaRao was asked to review academic needs in these areas and propose how best these funds can be utilized.

1999-2000 Year-End Close - Vice President McCusker has issued a memo to the University Community indicating that purchase requisitions dated and received after June 8, 2000 will be processed as purchase orders applicable to the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2000. Restrictions will also be placed on check requests. This will help achieve a timely and accurate close of the books for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2000.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management - Mr. Jansen Robinson reported that a Registration Committee has been formed.

Admissions Statistics - Data as of June 5, 2000
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 2000 ------------------------------2891
# of undergraduate applications for Fall 1999-------------------------------2667
# admitted for Fall 2000-----------------------------------------------------961
# admitted for Fall 1999----------------------------------------------------1217
# deposits paid for Fall 2000-------------------------------------------------150
# deposits paid for Fall 1999-------------------------------------------------268
# of Graduate applications for Fall 2000--------------------------------------133

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown Assistant to the President

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