President's Cabinet Meeting

April 17, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President McCusker, Vice President Hence, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Employee Evaluation Form - Ms. Facey-Jones was asked to make revisions to the form and develop an introduction that will state for which employees the form is applicable. Implementation of the form will begin this year.

2001 Appropriations Update - The PA House of Representatives passed Lincoln's Appropriation Bill (House Bill 2403) on Tuesday, April 11, 2000. The Bill now goes to the Senate for approval. Included in the Bill is: Educational and General Expenses $10,704,000 Recruitment and Retention 325,000 International Affairs Institute 321,000 Student Education Instruction Assistance 262,000 Program Initiatives 300,000.

DRAFT Emergency Response Manual - The draft manual has been sent to the University's insurance carrier for review. The Office of Human Resources will also be asked to review the manual before it is brought back to the Cabinet for adoption.

MHS Tuition/fees for out-of-state students - A letter and petition was received from out-of-state MHS students desiring a reduction in tuition for their remaining semesters. The petitioners also expressed concern about the physical facilities at the Urban Center. President Nelson will respond to the letter. Vice President McCusker indicated that he had already been in touch with the Urban Center building manager to address the issues about the condition of the facilities. New computers for the Urban Center are on order.

Accessibility Issues -Steps will be taken to construct a ramp and make the door to the Ware Center accessible to wheelchairs. In addition, a restroom in the building will be made accessible to the physically impaired. President Nelson also requested that elevators in all buildings on campus remain unlocked and accessible at all times.

2000 L.U. Funded Scholarship analysis - The University has established a budget of $800,000 for L.U. funded scholarships for incoming students. A summary of the 2000-2001 scholarship awards as of April 4, 2000 follows:

Admissions Statistics - Data as of April 3, 2000

University Chaplain - C. Matthew Hudson, Jr., D.Min. has joined the staff as University Chaplain. Dr. Hudson's immediate past experience includes Senior Parish Pastor and United States Navy Officer; Adjunct Professor at Springfield College, Wilmington, DE; Counselor for Hospice of the Delaware Valley; and Volunteer Chaplain/Counselor for the Christiana Care Health Services.


Campus Security - Vice President Hence was asked to work with the office of Security to develop a protocol for handling situations requiring interruption of classes. The protocol should be such that interruption of classes will only occur in the case of an emergency.

Congratulations to Ms. Lennetta Lee for successfully defending her dissertation. Ms. Lee will receive her doctorate from Temple University.

Cannon House - Steps will be taken to designate the building as administrative offices rather than dormitory housing. Once proper designation is established and necessary repairs/renovations are made, the Global Studies Institute will occupy the first floor. The second floor will be available for other administrative purposes. Mr. John Willis will be asked to secure bids for contractor to perform any retrofitting work that must be done on the building.

International Cultural Center (ICC) - The state Bureau of Engineering and Architecture has contacted the University to request a meeting to discuss the reactivation of the ICC project. A meeting will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Other items on the agenda were for information purposes only.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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