President’s Cabinet Meeting
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
9:00 a.m.
ATTENDEES:  President Ivory V. Nelson, Dean Thelma Ross for Executive Vice President Michael B. Hill, Mr. Michael Byers for Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Dean John O. Chikwem, Dean Gladys J. Willis, Dean Judith A.W. Thomas, and Ms. Diane M. Brown. Mr. John Thompson, Director of Physical Plant, was in attendance for a portion of the meeting.
Cabinet meeting minutes of March 15, 2011 were approved.
Mr. Thompson provided the following update:
         The completion date for Wright Hall in now being listed as October 10, 2011.
         Grimm and the Library will be on schedule for the mid July delivery date.
         Back up light towers are on site. New light towers are scheduled to come in around mid March.
         Project 1101-28 (Emergency Generation): Phase III of this project is in design. We are waiting for Regional approval.
         Project 1101-32 (Vail Hall):
a)      Phase II Lincoln Hall is underway. HVAC units are being installed.
b) The Lincoln Hall project is 66% complete.
         Projects 1101-39 (Grimm) 1101-43 (Wright) and 1101-44 (Library): 
Grimm Hall: The project is 42% complete.
Wright Hall: The project is about 65% complete.
Library: The project is 65% complete.
         Projects 1101-45 (Landscape) and 1101-46 (Athletics): The stadium building is underway and the STP parking lot (sewage treatment parking) is scheduled to be complete by the
end of March. The road crossing on Baltimore Pike is slated to begin next week.  The project is reported to be at 7% for 1101- 45 & 9% for 1101- 46.
         Project 1101-47 (Wellness Center): The project is 38% complete.
         Project 1101-48 (John Miller Dickey Hall Renovation): The Professional has met with the State to work out their contract agreement.
Mr. Thompson presented a draft list of capital projects for fiscal year 2011-12, as well as reports of repairs needed in the residence halls.  President Nelson asked Mr. Thompson to meet with Student Life administrators to develop a priority list of residence hall repairs to be completed over the summer break.  A budget of $900,000 is available.
         Standard 14 Requirements - Cabinet members discussed the current status of progress to achieve Standard 14: Student Learning Assessment requirements.  President Nelson requested that the deans forward all updated information for inclusion on the webpage.
         Lincoln University Budget – The variance analysis report through February 28, 2011 was discussed.
         The following policies were approved by the Cabinet:
Awarding Scholarships to Transfer Students
A transfer student who meets the current Lincoln University scholarship criteria used for the recruitment of freshmen may be awarded an equivalent scholarship if the transfer takes place at the end of the freshman year at the institution from which the student is transferring.
Requirement for Maintaining a Lincoln University Scholarship
Students who receive a Lincoln University renewable admissions scholarship must consistently maintain a 3.30 GPA on a scale of 4.00, or they will lose the scholarship.
         Dean Ross provided fall 2011 admissions application figures  as of March 20, 2011:
UG Admissions Fall 2010 Fall 2011
Applications Received 5627 5073
Applicants Admitted 1040 1248
Deposits Paid 22 24
         House Appropriations Hearing – The House Appropriations Hearing for the four state-related universities is scheduled for March 28 @ 10:30 AM in Harrisburg.
There being no further business, President Nelson adjourned the meeting at 12:00 p.m.
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