President's Cabinet Meeting
March 18, 2002

Attendees:   President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Howard E. Merlin, Vice President Michael B. Hill, Vice President William B. Bynum, Dean Gladys J. Willis, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Housekeeping and Maintenance Contract Negotiations - The University is currently negotiating the contract for its Housekeeping and Maintenance staffs.  The current contract expires June 30, 2002.  The negotiating teams are scheduled to meet again on March 26, 2002.

Office of Naval (ONR) Funding - The ONR has decided to discontinue the HBCU Program that presently funds LASER and "LASER-like" programs.  The University has been advised that ONR will not exercise the LASER Program's two-year grant option for the grant ending June 30, 2002.  Undergraduate students currently in the program will continue to receive ONR scholarship support until their expected graduation, given continuing availability of funds.
The University will be seeking other funds to try to continue this very important program.
The Department of Navy will issue a new Broad Agency Announcement (BBA) to replace the one presently being phased out by ONR.

New Appointment to the Board of Trustees - Governor Mark Schweiker has appointed Mr. Craig Lincoln Tucker, of West Chester, PA, to the Lincoln University Board of Trustees for a term expiring August 31, 2003.

Facility Utilization - Policy for the use of facilities by outside organizations, including student-initiated events, will be included in the Student Handbook in the future.

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Admission Statistics for fall 2002 as of March 15, 2002
# of Undergraduate applications received for fall 2002 2501
# of Undergraduate applications received for fall 2001 2032

# of Undergraduate students admitted for fall 2002.   721
# of Undergraduate students admitted for fall 2001.   549

# of Graduate applications received for fall 2002..     95
# of Graduate applications received for fall 2001..     43

A specific target of enrolling 200 MHS students for fall 2002 (PreMasters and Masters) has been established by the President.  Necessary faculty will be in place to handle the increase in enrollment.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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