President's Cabinet Meeting

March 1, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Ms. Rosalie Facey-Jones, Diane M. Brown

Policy Manual & Policies - Ms. Facey-Jones submitted the following policies for review by the Cabinet:

Implementation of University Policies - Revise to delete reference to "procedures" - should be for policies only.

Business Travel Expenses - Check Commonwealth & Federal guidelines re their policies regarding travel expenses. Revise as agreed upon and resubmit for further review.

Emergency Closing - Define regulations for all circumstances and add all regulations regarding pay. Resubmit for further review. Academic policies that have to be approved by the Board should come from faculty body to the President's Cabinet. They will then be submitted to the Board. Such policies include those that have an economic impact on the institution or change the mission of the institution.

Physical Plant infrastructure - The Department of General Services provided President Nelson with information on L.U. Public Improvement Projects Completed and Funded by the State of Pennsylvania. (Attached)

The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m., due to a meeting of the educational policy committee of the Board of Trustees. Other items on the agenda will be discussed at the March 6, 2000 Cabinet meeting.

Diane M. Brown, Assistant to the President


Lincoln University Public Improvement Projects Completed and Funded by the State of Pennsylvania.

DGS Legislative Authorizing Act Project # Project Description Authorization Category Comments 1101-1 Physical Science Bldg. 738,714.00 E Completed 10/28/1960; Project closed

1101-2 Alterations and Additions 431,218.00 D Completed 05/08/1962; Project closed

Act 730 1101-3 New Boiler Plant and Shops 557,940.00 E Completed 10/14/1963; Project closed

Act 730 1101-4 Dining Hall and Student Union Building 972,966.00 E Completed 11/14/1963; Project closed

Construct New Electrical System Act 685 1101-5 Two Water Wells, Sewage Plant Edition 526,420.00 C Completed 10/28/1966; Project closed

Act 685 1101-6 Fine Arts Bldg. Maintenance Garage 1,041,801.00 E Completed 08/15/1966; Project closed

And Storage Building Act 523 1101-7 Physical Edu. Bldg. 2,922,699.00 E Completed 06/09/1978; Project closed

Act 451 1101-8 Construction of Ashmun Hall 565,248.00 E Completed 11/15/1966; Project closed

Act 451 1101-9 Dormitory Building 769,287.00 E Completed 10/27/1967; Project closed

Act 523 1101-10 Installation of Additional Boiler in 152,073.00 C Completed 09/07/1967; Project closed

Central Heating Plant Act 523 1101-11 Construction of Apts. For Married Students Cancelled 10/20/1981

Act 523 1101-12 Construction of Auditorium Cancelled 10/20/1981

Act 523 1101-13 Construction Men's Dorm. 717,389.00 E Completed 02/13/1969; Project closed

Act 220 1101-14 Construction of Women's Dorm. 1,728,009.00 E Completed 09/27/1973; Project closed

Act 130 of 1980 1101-15 Handicapped Requirements 485,000.00 B Complete Pending closeout Final Exp $482,187.30

Act 228 of 1980 1101-16 Addition to Sewage Treatment Plant 889,000.00 C Complete Pending closeout Final Exp $807,626.75

Act 228 of 1980 1101-17 Improve. to Electrical Distribution System 344,150.00 C Completed 08/22/1983; Project closed

Act 228 of 1980 1101-18 Rehabilitate Water Dist. System 1,309,000.00 C Closed March 1998 Final Exp $889,758.23

Act 62 of 1984 1101-19 Computer Center & Social Science Bldg. 6,500,000.00 E Will close upon receipt of $159,118,83 due from the University; Final $7,336,381.83

Act 118 of 1986 1191-20 Boiler Plant Improvements 777,900.00 C Closed April 1988; Final Exp $889,758.23

Act 113 of 1988 1101-21 Fire Protection Improvement 460,000.00 A Closed Nov. 1999; Final Exp. $377,660.53

Act 113 of 1988 1101-22 Construct Living-Learning Center 17,100,000.00 E Complete; Pending closeout; Final Exp $18,758,230.34

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