President's Cabinet Meeting

February 21, 2000

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Richard C. Winchester, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Vice President Arnold T. Hence, Vice President Anthony R. Fairbanks, Mr. John Willis, Ms. Diane M. Brown

Physical Plant - The University has put in priority order the capital project requests for 2000-2001. The top seven requests include 1) Electrical System infrastructure ($3 million); 2) Fire Alarm System ($1.2 million); 3) Steam Distribution System ($4.2 million); 4) Storm Water Drainage System ($1.1 million); 5) Lighting system; 6) Roofs of Major Buildings; and 7) Water Tower. A review of University records has revealed that the Chester Water Authority expressed an interest in purchasing the water tower from the University. The University will try to ascertain whether they still have an interest. A location for the placement of the International Cultural Center must be decided upon. The location should allow easy access to the facility for the community. A proposal for privatized residence housing is being developed. Dr. Brevett will be asked to provide the missing data to be included in the proposal. It will then be sent to the purchasing officer so that an RFP can be issued. It was also suggested that Lincoln find out whether any other college or university in PA has utilized privatized housing. Vice President Hence reported that a "Work Order Log" has been implemented and will be maintained in the Physical Plant. This will track the job requests and status of requests on a daily basis.

Board of Trustees Meeting 2/19/2000 - The following resolutions were passed at the Board Meeting:


WHEREAS, the Lincoln University Board of Trustees agreed that a Member of the Faculty, selected by the Faculty and subject to Board approval, may participate as the Faculty representative in the deliberations of the Board of Trustees and Committees of the Board, with the exception of Executive Sessions of the Board, in a non-voting capacity;

WHEREAS, the Board further agreed a different Faculty Representative shall be selected and approved annually;

WHEREAS, the Faculty selected Dr. Robert E. Millette, to serve as the Faculty Representative until June 30, 2000 with the understanding that he shall be eligible for re-election in April 2000 for fiscal year 2001;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, The Board approves the selection of the first Faculty Representative to the Board and the established term of office for this and future Representatives.


WHEREAS, Article I, Section 2, Subsection D of the Lincoln University By-Laws (Revised November 20, 1999) provides that one of the eighteen University Trustees shall be a student representative who shall serve for a term of one year; and

WHEREAS, The By-Laws provide further that the selection process for the student representative must be approved by the Board of Trustees; and

WHEREAS, The Constitution of the Lincoln University Student Government Association (SGA) provides that the SGA President will be the student representative to the Board of Trustees;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, The SGA process of determining the student representative to the Board of Trustees is hereby approved.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, Any change in the method of determining the student representative to the Board of Trustees shall be subject to Board approval.


WHEREAS, the University has been using a significant number of different seals, and no record of the official one could be found;

WHEREAS, the Lincoln University Board of Trustees agreed to establish a Logo, Seal and Slogan Committee to review the different versions of the seal during the past 15 years have included the Lincoln head (left profile, right profile, silhouette, portrait), no Lincoln head, and the Lincoln Lion.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that, the Logo, Seal, and Slogan Committee recommend the University adopt the circular seal without the Lincoln head as its official seal. Ms. Diane Brown was asked to research the policy on which office(s) should have the authority to affix the official seal to University documents. President Nelson will issue a notice to the Lincoln University Community concerning the selection of the official seal.

Barnes Foundation Scholarships for Lincoln Students - The Executive Director and CEO of the Barnes Foundation has notified the University that the trustees from the Violette de Mazia Trust confirmed a willingness to fund scholarships for students to attend art appreciation classes at the Barnes Foundation, and to fund bus transportation to The Foundation for Lincoln students. Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship should first complete The Foundation's application process, then apply for scholarships with a letter request.

Meeting with Union Fire Company No.1 - The Fire Company expressed several concerns stemming from incidents surrounding the recent power failure. A meeting with the fire company is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. today. The Cabinet decided that Security will be responsible for keys in an emergency to allow access to rooms within the buildings. President Nelson indicated that the identification and organization of all keys is to be expedited. This addresses one of the concerns of the fire company.

Admissions Statistics as of February 18, 2000 - Lincoln has admitted a total of 336 applicants for Fall 2000, compared with a total of 369 admitted for Fall 1999 at this time. Total deposits paid for Fall 2000 is 4, compared to 14 paid deposits at this time for Fall 1999.

Campus Security System - Dept. Of General Services (DGS) - The "Request for Project Action" for the Campus Security System was signed by the Office of the Budget and Governor Tom Ridge, February 7, 2000. Mr. John Willis was asked to contact DGS regarding Lincoln's concept plan for the security system after discussing this with Vice President Hence.

ILERTTC Information Technology Grant - An announcement of an "information technology grant for student online and consortium of technology partnership companies" has been received by the University. Dr. Renford Brevett will be asked to follow-up to see if this could be of some benefit to the University.

Books and More Contract - Notice of contract termination has been received . Books and More will be eligible to submit a proposal in response to the Bookstore RFP that will be issued by the University.


Fiscal Affairs - Vice President McCusker reported that the food service provider has been given proper notice that their current contract will not be extended beyond May 15, 2000. However, Gourmet Services has been included on the list of companies that will be sent the University's Request for Proposal (RFP).

Policy on how to administer scholarships to returning students needs to be put in writing. The Financial Aid office and the Bursar should be given this information.

MIS will begin immediately to check the labs first thing every morning and report conditions to the Director.

Academic Affairs - Vice President Winchester reported that the first meeting regarding the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement will take place on Thursday, February 24th.

Enrollment Planning & Student Life - Vice President Hence reported that approximately 25 students will be removed from campus due to unpaid balances on their accounts.


President Nelson extended congratulations to Vice President Richard C. Winchester, who will be named Professor Emeritus upon his retirement.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President

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