President’s Cabinet Meeting
February 19, 2001

Attendees: President Ivory V. Nelson, Vice President Michael Hill, Vice President Edward L. McCusker, Dean Gladys Willis, Dean Jerryl Briggs, Ms. Diane M. Brown.

Board of Trustees – The following reports are to be submitted to the Board for its April 2001 meeting:
·    Review of grading practices at Lincoln (Educational Policies Cmte.)
·    Master of Human Services (MHS) licensure issue (Educational Policies Cmte.)
·    Urban Center Evaluation

Appropriations Hearings – Mr. & Miss Lincoln will be asked to accompany the President and Vice Presidents to Lincoln’s hearings, February 26 and 27.

Spring Enrollment – The enrollment for spring currently stands at a total of 1808 undergraduate and graduate students.

LU Information Technology – Members of the Cabinet reported concern over the problems experienced with new computers.  The University may need to look at computer equipment supplied by the current contracted vendor to se whether it meets performance criteria.

Independent auditor’s management letter for Lincoln University’s June 30, 2000 financial statements was reviewed.

Commonwealth of PA capital projects – The Commonwealth has approved “Requests for Project Action” for the Boiler Plant and Steam Distribution System project and the Construction of a Storm Water Drainage System project.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM)

Lincoln has received six responses to the Privatized Housing RFP.

Admissions Statistics – Data as of February 16, 2001
    # undergraduate applications for fall 2001--------------------------    1362
    # undergraduate applications for fall 2000--------------------------    1699
    # admitted for fall 2001--------------------------------------------      314
    # admitted for fall 2000--------------------------------------------      311

Fiscal Affairs
The design professional for the Campus Security/Alarm System project has determined that there are not enough dollars to include all proposed buildings in the project.  The Cabinet agreed that all residence halls should remain in the project.  Thus, the Chapel will be removed from the project.

Issues pertaining to the condition of the floor in the kitchen area of the SUB have made it necessary to reevaluate the location of the TV studio.  Parties involved have been asked to discuss the possibility of locating the TV Studio in the area that used to serve as the faculty lounge.  The Art studio would then be located in the space currently designated for the TV studio.

Diane M. Brown
Assistant to the President
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